The Day of Creation You Love Most Reveals a lot About Your Personality!

March 29, 2018 Ani Aslanyan 0 Comments

According to the biblical scriptures, the universe was created by god in just six days. The beauty that surrounds us lives in unison, but before it was they were created one by one. Do you have a favorite? See what it means about your personality now!

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2. God created the heavens and the earth.

You have a shy personality type. Meeting new people tends to drain you of your energy. You experience mental fatigue while trying to rack your brain for conversation starters or things to talk about. Although you have a shy disposition, when someone approaches you first, you are quick to open up and reveal your true self.

3. God creates the sky.

You are an ambivert. You like to spend time alone but can also enjoy going to dinner with friends, where you often sit back and observe their facial expressions. You meet new people wherever you go and sometimes, are even the first to dance on the dance floor. You have a mix of both introverted and extroverted characteristics, and one is not more dominant than the other.

4. God creates dry land.

Unlike your extroverted friends that regain their energy while speaking to people, you tend to be drained of your energy. You tend to recharge your energy in quiet and relaxing environments. Since you like spending time contemplating or doing things on your own, you are able to focus on your work and think deeply into various topics.

5. God creates all the stars and heavenly bodies.

With an extroverted and lively personality, you are capable of strongly communicating your opinions. You don’t like spending time alone and prefer spending time with others. You can enjoy a variety of different environments and are open to new experiences. In comparison to others, you have strong mental and spiritual flexibility.

6. God creates all life that lives in the water.

You can socialize and get along with many people in friendly and relaxed atmospheres. You are able to give off positive vibes and spread happiness with your outgoing personality. You also have excellent business skills as you are able to take hold of and make the best of opportunities.

7. God creates all the creatures that live on dry land.

You have slightly extroverted tendencies. Although you are an extrovert at heart, you seem introverted and shy at times. You like to meet all different types of people and enjoy meeting new people as well. With a bright personality and a sociable appearance, you often take center stage; however, you find having so much of the spotlight on you as burdensome and try to avoid such situations.

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