Select The Ball And Find Out Your Message From The Spiritual Guide

March 29, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Our spiritual guides are non-physical assistants who help us on our path. They often leave us signs to give directions. Sometimes signs and messages are difficult to read. 

Choose the ball that you like best, and find out your message from your spiritual mentor!

1. Did you spend a lot of time indoors without sunshine and warming your face? Were you invited to spend more time in nature? A little bit of nature and the sun - this is what your mind, body, and soul need. If it's possible, spend at least 20 minutes on the street for the next weeks. It will clean your aura.

2. Do not be afraid to be an independent thinker. You may face a situation where your thoughts, perspectives will differ from the others. Just because there are disagreements, does not mean both sides are wrong. Sometimes you need to trust yourself and pay attention to knowledge and follow the inner path. 

3. The advice of your spiritual mentor is to seek wise advice from someone you admire and who have life experience. For example: if you have financial problems, then it would be better to seek advice from someone who has overcome these problems.

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