Pick a heart and receive your message!

March 12, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Pick a heart below and receive your love message!

1. You are a very optimistic person. You are always open to love. You value loyalty, honesty, and sincerity the most in relationships.
Your partner will always feel harmony with you. You are either rational and emotional. So you always keep balance and don't allow senseless causes to ruin your relationship. 

2. Your life is always full of dramas. You are a very emotional person. Sometimes, you can be very fragile in your relationship. And you can't imagine how the person you love can hurt you. You know what? It's quite possible. Keep your emotions under control. Don't show your emotions to anyone you want. First, be sure your sincerity won't be used against you. Don't let people harm your feelings!

3. You are a rational and a practical man. You tend to keep everything under control. 

You don't like dramas. You always look for logic in everything. Sometimes, you want to express your emotions, but you can't. You think you will look weak. But don't be afraid of being sensitive. There will be always people who will appreciate your sincerity.

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