Pick a Feather and Your Choice Will Tell a Lot About Your Character

March 27, 2018 Ani Aslanyan 0 Comments

Each and every person has unique and distinct character. Psychologists have endeavored to categorize the characters of people by describing some factors. For this aim, they were able to come up with the feather test. In this experimentation, you have to take a look at the picture below with six feathers. Pay attention to the color and the shape, and pick out the one you liked the most.

Believe it or not, the feather you chose can divulge a lot about your personality. Pick a feather and be prepared to be amazed.

First Feather

If you have picked this feather, then you’re a perfectionist. You feel really bad when something doesn’t go as you prearranged. People who preferred the first feather are also ingenious and they want to be superior. Frequently, the people around them see them as domineering.

Second Feather

Those who picked the second feather can rapidly adjust to the new surroundings, but they prefer to be unaccompanied. Similarly, they’re fast learners, and they choose to learn for themselves. Nevertheless, they love to be around their loved ones and are constantly there for their support.

Third Feather

People who picked the third feather are born businesspersons. They love having a lot of developments, and they’re feeling active despite that they may achieve just one goal.

Fourth Feather

Choosing this feather means you’re a peace seeker. You love harmony and enjoy the company your loved ones and with whom you share mutual interests. You’re a giver and you always want to lend a helping hand to the needy.

Fifth Feather

Feather number 5 indicates that the people who chose it are imaginative and creative. Nevertheless, they don’t have faith in their own capabilities and are afraid of failure.

Sixth Feather

Those who picked this feather are independent and goal oriented. They work very hard to achieve their goals. Nonetheless, these people are not effortlessly amicable and they take time to grow new friendships.

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