Pick an eye see what it tells about your personality!

March 08, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

You can tell a lot about people by their choices. 
So, choose one of these eyes and see what it tells about your personality.

Eye 1. 

You are very brave and strong person. You can put yourself in danger to protect the ones you love. With your unbreakable strength, you can move the mountains. People always feel safe and protected when you are around․ They will always be full of respect to your personality, but be careful. There may be some of them who will use your power in their favor.


You are an intelligent one. You always prefer to spend your most of time reading books than hanging out with boring people. You notice a lot of things but, mostly, keep silence. People may not understand your silence and think that you are a fool. Don't upset about being misunderstood. There will be always "that one" person who will understand you clearly and share your thoughts.

Eye 3.

You are a very sensitive person. You have very kind, innocent, pure soul which will make melt anybody's heart. You are so pure that people scare to hurt you. You spread your inner love all over you. People always can trust you. You are such an angel in the world who can't imagine people can be cruel, unfair and filthy. Your aura is protected, but, anyway, be careful about yourself!

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