Meet The Yogi Curing Anxiety & PTSD Through Jaw-Dropping Yoga Moves

March 12, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Yoga is a meditative practice that helps people to become harmonious with themselves. Yoga has mental meaning such as healing mental diseases. 

Yoga is known to help keep balance inside you. Meet Heidi Williams, the girl, who survived rape, loss, depression, and stress. 

After suffering for a long time she started practicing yoga as a way to find a safe place in this world. Some people understand the meaning of yoga as an activity. Somewhat, yes, it's an activity. But the main meaning of yoga is hidden in its philosophy that encourages self-acceptance and self-recognition. Yoga helped Heidi accept herself and find her inner peace. 

So, we have some photos of her doing impossible yoga poses. 

Heidi has a power of inspiring people. Through her amazing poses and words, she proves that we all can reach our inner power.

We're so glad for Heidi. She didn't stuck in her dark past but started her career

Now, she runs therapeutic retreats and classes. She also runs online support groups for those who need a help.

You might meet some pseudo-yogis in your practice. We ensure you, Heidi isn't one of them. For her yoga is not a fake lifestyle.

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