Magical test: Choose Your Bird Of Happiness And Find Out What Kind Of Spring You Will Have.

March 23, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

From fairy tales and songs, many of us know that somewhere in this world there is a magic bird of luck that can fulfill any desire!
Some sources claim that this bird is sky blue, others - that it is brightly fiery.

Today we have an interesting test for you. So, imagine you walk in the garden and find a secret place. And there are some birds settled on the branches of the tree.

Choose one of them which will give you a gift.

Bird 1.

This bird flew and brought its gift in the form of a positive energy charge for the next month. In business, you will be luckier than ever. Feel free to do it! Above all, do not forget to listen to yourself.

Bird 2.

You have chosen a bird of love. It promises you good luck in love. In the near future, your eyes will shine brighter than diamonds. Besides, you will find a common language with your partner, friends, and colleagues. You can resolve any conflict with anyone. So it's time to ask the bosses for a job promotion or go on a romantic trip. 

Bird 3.

You called to you a usual bird. All she can give you is her song. And you don't need anything else. After all, the magic is in you. You can do anything you want. You are born under a lucky star. So just believe in yourself and do your thing.

Bird 4.

You have caught a bird of luck! In the coming month, you will be lucky in everything. Your intuition will help you to understand where you need to move. Furthermore, you will receive a pleasant surprise in two weeks.So, don't waste your time. Everything will be great!

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