How Your Face Changes With Different Drug Habits

March 20, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

We all know and understand that drugs can cause detrimental damage to our bodies, our minds, and the ones that love us. But exactly how visible is the damage that has taken place?

First and foremost, we have to understand that any harmful substance taken in excess could be considered devastating to our lives. However, street drugs such as cocaine, crack, meth, heroin, etc., seem to give us away when we allow them to consume our lives. Unfortunately, they do so much damage that their use can’t be denied in most cases, at least over a sufficient amount of time.


Like other addictive substances, cocaine users build up a tolerance to the drug, which causes users to need to use the substance more frequently in higher doses. Users typically experience a loss of smell, nosebleeds, issues swallowing, and a chronically inflamed runny nose. Over time, cocaine can damage the heart, gastrointestinal tract and lead to permanent sinus issues similar to those shown in the photograph above. Others have to go through surgery to correct holes in their nasal cavities, and many more die from the detrimental damage caused to their heart.


Crystal meth, or meth is a highly addictive substance that causes its user to feel euphoric, full of energy, and in many cases causes the user to lose their appetite. Due to being an appetite suppressant, many users end up malnourished causing their hair, skin, teeth, and nails to deteriorate from lack of nutrients. If used enough, the addict will have rotten, black teeth, irritated and retreated gums, and sores that cover most of their body. Methamphetamine also dehydrates the system leading to premature aging, and the chemicals in it cause the user to encounter sores. Many obsessively pick at the sores, or believe bugs have embedded themselves into their arms causing them to claw at themselves. Shrunken, skeleton like appearance is often common as well.

Heroin and Other Opiates Including Oxycodone

Heroin and other opiate drugs have been considered highly addictive substances for quite some time, and as many know and understand, the addiction is not only mental but physical leading to physical withdrawal. Opiates also lead to dry skin that is quite itchy due to dehydration and undernourishment. Skin bruising is also common since the skin lacks fluid. Over time, similar to meth, the user will begin to lose so much weight they look like a skeleton with skin wrapped over it, and the user may also be covered in sores. Others experience vision and teeth issues, and hair loss.


Due to alcohol’s status as a legal drug, many people disregard its affects, however, alcohol is a drug that shouldn’t be overlooked in the world of addiction. Alcohol also dehydrates the skin causing a loss of vital vitamins and nutrients, and over time it can cause wrinkles, sores, rosacea and even facial disfigurement. Other alcoholics endure bloating that makes their entire bodies appear puffy and enlarged, while others may have either extreme weight gain or loss. Unfortunately, many others are left with permanently scarred livers, which later leads them to liver failure.

While many of us are well aware that drugs are bad for us, if you have ever been an addict or been around one, you probably know these faces more than others. However, if you have not been around addiction, please understand that the above shown faces are, in fact, the true faces of drug abuse.

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