How Will You Possible Die on Different Worlds?

March 19, 2018 Ani Aslanyan 0 Comments

The secret of the Universe Present


Time: Less than 1 minute

Your body will be blistered by the 400 °C heat wave in less than a minute.


Time: 1 second

You will literally melt away in the lava at 450 °C and die of carbon dioxide poisoning.


Time: Less than 1 minute

Because of the low atmospheric pressure exposed bodily fluids such as tears and saliva will boil away.

The atmosphere is dusty and contains 96% Carbon Dioxide.

You’ll probably die of choking.


Time: Less than 1 second

Firstly, with 10 times the atmospheric pressure as compared to that on Earth, you will be crushed to the size of peanut here. Secondly the turbulent conditions make life next to impossible here.


Time: Less than 10 second

The fourth largest moon of Jupiter is the most geologically active body of the solar system with

400 active volcanoes and has 90% sulphur dioxide in air. You will die of severe irritation in eyes.


Time: Less than 1 second

With no solid surface to step on, The Lord of the rings has 96% hydrogen in it’s atmosphere. Your skin will immediately turn blue and you will be torn apart by turbulent storms in no time.


Time: About 5-7 Minutes

Everything is fine here. Thick Atmosphere, Optimum air pressure, solid land to step on but the problem is the 96% Nitrogen in the atmosphere. The Death will be peaceful. You’ll never know when you died as you won’t suffocate in nitrogen. It will be the lack of Oxygen that will kill you.


Time: About 15 seconds

Looks can be deceitful & Saturn’s moon Enceledaus is the best example. Though it has a solid surface and appears to be habitable, Enceledus is as cold as -198 °C. You will probably die of biting cold and lack of oxygen and surface pressure.


Time: Less than 1 second

Even if you find out a way to survive the biting cold – 200 °C, the enormous pressure of atmosphere won’t be bearable. With no solid surface, death on Uranus will be instant as you’ll be crushed by the tremendous atmospherics pressure.


Time: Less than 1 second

Like other gas giants, in less than a second you will be blown away on the windiest planet of the solar system. Winds reach the supersonic flow of 2.200 km/hr. Also it’s cold as – 210 C. Yeah, instant death.

Human survival is next to impossible on any other planet for decades to come. Why not save our own planet, our home because…
The Earth is what we all have in common…

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