Dubai Makes a Cake worth US 1 million $

March 22, 2018 Ani Aslanyan 0 Comments

If you had the privilege of attending the extraordinary wedding show at Dubai you may have seen the latest creation from a Brit cake designer Debbie Wingham that costs 1 million dollars. The cake is perfectly edible except for a few pearls and diamonds incorporated in the cake. Brit designer Debbie Wingham used to be a fashion designer but now pursues her passion for making intricately designed sugary masterpieces.

Her interest towards baking and pastry evolved after her motherhood where one gets creative with their children and this interest developed into a profession. It is profound that she managed to put up her website Couture to Cakes and found time to set up her professional cake making after being so attached with designing dresses.

This particular cake was revealed at a wedding show at Dubai, shaped as a life like a bride, which is also one of the tallest cakes Debbie has ever made standing at 182 cm. The cake weighs 120kg (164lbs). It was made using 1000 eggs and 20 kilos of chocolate.

The cake bride is entirely edible as Debbie is very particular about making her cakes using only edible embellishments. Otherwise, she states it is too easy to add ribbons or adornments. There is no challenge or creativity in that, so this cake was made by carving out cakes and adornments were made using rice crispy treats and the dress is lace textured fondant, with 5000 hand cut flowers with an edible pearl in each.

Although it took 10 days of baking and sculpting and decorating, the only thing inedible is the jewelry used which amounts to around 1 million dollar. It was used around the bride’s head and includes five flawless three-carat diamonds and pearls which cost 200,000 pounds.

The cake technique involved in the manufacturing of this masterpiece involved cake lace, embossing, sculpting, and moulding. The fabric of the bride was made from rice paper and given the history of Debbie as an accomplished fashion designer the fondant gown came to life and was beautifully designed.

She is also known for making more complex cakes which involve led lighting and incorporate other interesting features. In fact, she made a more expensive cake for a client from UAE which incorporated stones worth 48.5 million pounds. It was a six-foot model ramp cake with characters sitting around as well. Everything was edible on that cake as well except of course for the stones.

She has also created edible shoes which are both stylish to look at and expensive as well. This pair was created for an Arabian client who wanted something fashion forward as well as incorporating diamonds. This pair costs 15.1 million dollars.

Her original love affair with fashion also made her appear in headlines as she made a black diamond gown and a red diamond abaya. Incorporating diamonds in the dress and making a piece that is one of its own kind is the actual aim of the designer. The black diamond dress cost around 50 million dollars.

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