Do You Belong To 2% Of People Who Can Find The Killer In This Picture?

March 28, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

The mysteries of murder are funny, but only in a fictitious world.

By the way, have you ever successfully solved the terrible mystery of murder?

Well, the secrets of murder are not just super fun to find out, but they also give your brain a workout. Unfortunately, although we often give our bodies all the necessary exercises, the brain is often ignored.

And if you were a little weak in helping your brain, here's a riddle that will give him much needed stimulus. 

Look carefully at this picture!

On the left side, you will see the dead body of a woman covered in blood. Yes, she was cruelly murdered, but the question is, who did it?

The four suspects are numbered; can you try to guess which one is the killer?

Do not hurry, think carefully, and if you do not guess, take a look at the answer below.





The killer is number 4. That's why:

1) The knife (the murder weapon lying next to the victim) is not on his desk!

2) His clothes are dirty (look at the sleeves of this shirt), suggesting that he was in a fight with someone that probably led to a fight.

So, have you guessed or not?

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