Choose a Butterfly And Find Out Secrets Of Your Soul!

March 13, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Butterflies are ancient and beautiful symbols. They symbolize the soul, eternal life and the connection of our souls with the universe.

This test will reveal the secrets of your soul! 

Believe it or not, no one will ever accidentally pass this test. If you stopped on this test it has some meaning.
All you need is to choose one butterfly! So, are you ready?

Butterfly 1. 

You are a very bright and positive person. You have a sincere and warm soul, in which there is a place for everyone. You prefer to take care of others than yourself. The universe advises you to pay more attention to yourself. By taking care of yourself you're better able to care for others.

Butterfly 2. 

You are a creative person. You have many talents and abilities. You have a vulnerable soul, although very few people know about that. Your biggest enemy is your disbelief in yourself. You have to believe in yourself and trust your heart. 

Butterfly 3.

You are a very sensitive person. You have some connection with another world. You have a strong intuition. You can easily feel a person standing in front of you. 
You are very sincere, therefore sometimes it's difficult to communicate with you. Don't upset when people can't understand your sincerity and honesty. Just find people with whom you can be fully open without any fear.

Butterfly 4.

Your mood changes very often. Sometimes you can be sensitive, sometimes strong. People fall in love with you more often than you fall in love with someone.
You tend to worry about every little thing. Don't pay attention to sad things. 
Surround yourself with good people and life will go better.

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