Challenge Your Friends And Family With These Tricky Brain Teasers

March 26, 2018 Ani Aslanyan 0 Comments

How many of these brainteasers will you answer correctly? We have a whole bunch for you below that will test your mettle. Do you have enough brains? We will soon find out :)

Tricky Riddle 1

Tricky Riddle 2

Tricky Riddle 3

Have you worked them out?

Were they tricker than you expected?

Are you lacking brainpower?

Do you want the answers now?

Do you give up that easy?

If you're really certain?

Alright, the answers are below...

The answers are as follows:

Tricky Riddle 1

He was an astronaut!

Tricky Riddle 2

His parachute failed to open!

Tricky Riddle 3

The letter "T"!

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