Can You Spot Where The Soldiers Are? 6 British Servicemen Test Their Camouflage Skills In This Photograph

March 27, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Hidden in plain sight, six British snipers lie camouflaged in the greenery – but can you spot them?

The picture was taken in July on Salisbury plain and will test your powers of observation.

The Household Cavalry tweeted the puzzle on Christmas Day and promised to reveal the answer on Boxing Day.

Half a dozen riflemen are nestled away in the trees and bushes but the puzzle proved difficult at first so the Cavalry later posted an image with clues to the snipers’ locations.

The expert snipers use grass, trees, and bushes for cover and it shows how they evade capture on the battlefield.

Scroll down for the answers.

The Household Cavalry posted this picture of six snipers nestled away in the foliage – but can you spot the riflemen?

The challenge proved difficult so the Household Cavalry tweeted this picture which shows the snipers partially revealed

As promised, the Household Cavalry revealed the positions of the six hidden snipers on Boxing Day after challenging people to spot them.

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