Angel Card Reading

March 19, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Mostly because it puts me in a specific place. A place of beauty and imagination. I envision colors and rainbows shimmering like a the gentle breeze on a lake at sunset. beautiful. I have always felt that there was something wrong with the scale we use to judge beauty in our selves and I just want you to know that you have value, and that you are beautiful. You are worthwhile and worthy and whether you know it or not… you are a beautiful soul.

Imagine we are all fireflies or fairies dancing in the sky joyously without a care in the world, then eventually returning to our apartment or house to do the dishes or laundry or make lunches for the kids to go to school.. but it’s our soul that’s free isn’t it. No matter how many lunches I pack, I can still day dream about the gentle breeze making the colors dance on the lake.

Today I was moved to do an Angel Card reading, both the reading and reveal at the same time. So, pick the card (or cards ) that speaks to you and then comment on my site (or facebook) and then continue reading for your personal message.

Take your time. but not too much time, let your intuition speak to you on this reading and select the card that is your first choice.


Here is your reading:

Shanti – reversed

This angel card is about attention and intention, being able to step outside of yourself and your situations and imagine a higher vibration to fall back into, this is how you attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. The reversal in this card is your attention. You are free to choose what you pay attention to. Pay attention to the story you tell yourself and others about what’s possible and choose a different story. Rather than explain all of the reasons why you can’t make the appointment, simply agree to meet a different Time. Rather than bemoan the obligations to which are you committed, simply schedule around them. You will find that your life becomes easier and easier as you slide into this higher vibration and attract more of what you want.


You have been receiving messages about yoga and increasing your exercise. Literally conversations and discount flyers and new more convenient studios opening in your area. Pay attention, yoga and exercise open up your chakras and enhance your creativity. I know you’re busy, and I have to tell you that the time you spend learning this ancient form of control and muscle toning will add more hours to your day then it will take away. The fact that you are reading this after receiving so many messages about it… means only one thing. You can do it. Just ask for assistance. If you think you can’t afford it, or you think you can’t do it, ask the universe for help. Ask for a free introductory class, you can do this, you are amazing and the universe is speaking directly to you!


Your worries about your children have been heard and received in heaven. You and your children, the ones here and those that are gone are divinely guided and protected. It’s difficult for a parent to see past the guilt or blame when they feel like they have failed, but whatever you are thinking about your child, they are amazing and much loved. Whatever you are thinking about you, release that. We are raise to judge and analyze, and skew our value towards profits and bottom lines, but God knows the heart. You and your children are much loved and cherished.

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