9 Signs Your Soul is Experiencing Spiritual Death

March 21, 2018 Unknown 0 Comments

Our soul is what defines our consciousness, way of life, personality, view of things etc. It is abstract and invisible in the 3-d dimension, but still, very important. Our souls are connected with all of the energy fields in the universe and our souls are energy fields too. However, we are unable to use the strong power of our spirit if we are not spiritually advanced, and most of us, to be completely honest, are not. The neglecting of the soul and living trapped in the matrix of the material world may result in serious consequences.

We’ve heard the term ‘dead on the inside’ and it has a true meaning. When your soul is experiencing a spiritual death is a hard process for each individual that reshapes one’s personality. In this article, we share the signs of experiencing the soul’s fall in the abyss of darkness.

1. You are worn out all the time

Constant exhaustion and drained energy is one of the most common signs. Even if you sleep for many hours and still feel tired and exhausted, it may be a clear sign of mental exhaustion and issues that manifest both mentally and physically.

2. You don’t feel accepted

You have a strange feeling that nobody likes you, that everybody you’ve ever love and respected are estranged to you. You feel uncomfortable in social groups and it seems that you don’t fit anywhere.

3. You feel helpless

You feel hopeless and helpless. There is no sign of positivity or hope, your everyday life is effortless and wrapped in pure apathy and fatigue. You are immune to changes and want to stay hidden inside your ‘cave’.

4. You feel like life doesn’t have meaning

You lost the purpose of your existence, or at least what you’ve thought it is the true purpose. You are lost somewhere in between your thoughts, feelings, and dreams. Your true issues are not solved, but you’re trapped in your constant efforts to start changing something, but you still don’t know what and why.

5. You keep doubting yourself and having second thoughts

You’re constantly in self-doubt and you have issues in making decisions. You are ripped between the options, and in the end, you always come to a conclusion that you don’t really enjoy any of the things available, anything at all! The signs above may also indicate clinical depression.

6. You feel like you aren’t using your whole potential

You are well aware of your positive traits and abilities, you know that you are able to create or be in the making of great things, but something stops you. This makes your suffering even harder because you know, deep inside, that you are not preordered to waste your days doing nothing.

8. You feel the bad karma

You feel negative energy and bad karma. You often appear to be in social groups that also share negativity and you often appear to be part of an accident, even if you really didn’t have any attention. You may feel haunted and scared, but those strange feelings are also not powerful enough to motivate your inner self to change something.

9. You feel empty and numb

You feel empty on the inside, like your soul is a bottomless dark hole. You’re slowly becoming numb and your senses are also ‘playing’ their role in the ‘play’. Derealization and depersonalization may be the extreme effect caused by the numbness and depression.

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