5 Ways Angels Can Assist You in Every Area of Your Life

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Sue was struggling with a particularly difficult relationship with her brother, Dan. Their mother had died a year earlier and Dan was angry and bitter at several people in his extended family, but especially with Sue. He thought that he hadn’t received his share of the money that their mom had left and blamed Sue for this. She had made several overtures to go over the financial records and explain, but Dan rebuffed her efforts.

Sue was distraught. This was her only brother. She decided she needed an intuitive reading for added insight. She told the intuitive that she didn’t want to give up on Dan and yet she was feeling very beaten down by the battle he was waging against her.

In a reading, information comes from intuition — feelings, words, impressions, symbolic images, physical sensations and an inner knowing. It also comes from a client’s guides and angels. As the session continued, the messages began pouring in and the first one made her laugh! The intuitive saw a group of her angels standing around her in spirit with big signs that read.

They communicated that they very much wanted to help her with her family difficulties. They explained that Sue (and all of us) has free will. They could only help her if she asked directly for their assistance; otherwise they remained “unemployed.”

They also gave her some tips to share about working with them.

Ask for what you want.
They said that many people use their prayers and requests for guidance as a vehicle for complaints. The angels understand that many seemingly unfair things are going on in our lives and in our world.

What’s most helpful, they explained, is to say things like: 
“Please help me with this situation.” 
“I want to invite peace (resolution, calm, etc.) into this area of my life.” 
“What could I do to resolve this issue?” 
“Please help me to view this person (or situation) with an open heart and mind.” 
“Guide me to the right perspective.” 
“Show me how to infuse this situation with love and understanding.”
Don’t try to figure out how it will occur.

The angels have countless ways to assist you. They may guide you to a book or article to read. They might provide an intuitive insight that will give you just the right idea to help you out of your conflict. They could also help you attract new sources of revenue. They could show you an answer or alternative in a dream that provides new insight or solutions. They might also put Divine synchronicities and coincidences in your path that results in your meeting just the right person who will help you. They say that when you ask them to focus on only one solution, you limit all of the miracles they could bring your way.

Keep your mind and heart open.

Sue reported after working with the angels that they gently pointed out that she was feeling very negative about the prospects of change in her particular difficulty. Her negative self-talk was indicating things like, “This is a hopeless situation.” “Dan will never change!”

Her angels suggested some other ways of thinking and feeling such as:
"I’m open to new ideas to restore peace into my family.” 
“I believe in miracles and I’m inviting one into this situation.” 
“I know that my brother is a good person and we can work this out.” 
“I know that my guides and angels are helping me with insight into the resolution of this issue.”

Allow space for the miracles to occur.

The unseen helpers explained that we often expect the concerns we pray about to change overnight. When they don’t, we can become bitter and think that our prayers are not being heard or resolved. Initially, prayers are often answered by encouraging a shift in our own thinking. The angels asked for us to trust that things were transforming for the better even when we couldn’t see those changes in our present reality. Sue reported later that she was able to see things from her brother’s perspective, and that allowed her to feel more compassion and less hopelessness and bitterness towards him.

Ask for help through prayer. 

The angels said, “When you pray, you are sending your concerns to a loving God who wants to restore you and your life back to joy. Your task is to listen within for the still, quiet voice of guidance, to be at peace and to take action on any wisdom you receive.” Sue set her intention to pray for peace and reconciliation with Dan. She committed to sending him love in her thoughts and prayers. She left the session saying that she would ask her angels to guide her in all aspects of her life. She wanted employed angels working on her behalf!

Interact with your angels. 

Sue later reported that she had taken heed of all of the things her angels said. “I really worked at shifting my attitude and focus towards my brother. I hadn’t heard from Dan in quite some time prior to my intuitive reading session. I recently got a conciliatory email from him. I consider that a sign. We have a lot of issues to resolve. But I think that this is a good beginning and an indication that my angels are working behind the scenes on our behalf.”

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