Youthful Model 61-Year-Old Reveals Her Secret To Anti-Ageing

February 26, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

They say “ Age is just a number” , this may not be true to some especially when you are getting older but it does to Yazemeenah Rossi, 61- year old and a grandmother of two kids proved us that despite of age she can still look fabulous same as other youth these days. Her body and wrinkle free skin is a proof that anyone can be like her.

Yazemeenah started her modelling career at the age of 28. And while she only got her big break at 45, her youthful complexion looks and amazing white hair have helped her become more in-demand now in modelling industry than ever before.

Believe it or not, she revealed that she did not use any cosmetic products for her skin to stay young compared to other teens and adults. She also revealed that not doing anything or not putting anything on her skin and body helps maintain her age defying looks.

Aside from that, she shared her biggest secret of maintaining her beautiful figure and wrinkle free skin.

1.Ignored fatty/processed foods

One of the reasons of early wrinkles is a non-healthy diet. She explained that healthy diet and discipline is the key of staying healthy and happy.

“I always lived a more or less healthy lifestyle. Year after year I’ve refined my awareness of what’s good for me and what’s not. But happiness is what makes you glow, not just the healthy food you put in your body.”

2.Maintain beautiful skin without using harmful chemicals

The stunning model secret beauty hack is rubbing organic olive oil on her face and running organic rapeseed oil through her silver hair.

She also said that she used homemade exfoliant from an organic olive oil with fine sugar as her skin scrub once a week.

“The best thing for the skin is to eat enough healthy fats on a daily basis and to oxygenate well while exercising,” she says. “Walking and sweating are [also] great for your skin because it’s our biggest breathing organ.”

She said at Dailystar : “I come from a very simple background where we used olive oil to cook with. Olive oil was used on our hair and skin – nothing else.

“My father’s mother died at 96-years-old, fit like a ballet dancer, and she never put anything on her skin.

“My mother’s sister, who is still alive, has better skin at 90 than she did some years ago.

“She discovered recently that her skin improved amazingly after she stopped putting anything on it while she was in hospital.”

3.Try to exercise daily.

Rossi always walk 15 to 45 minutes a day. She said she loves walking in the beach, do hiking while watching the beauty of nature. If you skip a day or two, do not worry because it is important to respect the rhythm in our body.

She added: “It’s not fun to see your skin going down and becoming less toned but the nice, fascinating side of ageing gives you a strong feeling of inner power totally unknown before.”

She realized that she’s not in her twenties anymore, so she does not need to do exhausting physical exercises compared to other young adults nowadays.

And for anybody who wishes to stay young and beautiful despite of age, Yazmeenah shared her best words of wisdom.

“It won’t happen in a day, it requires discipline and dedication,” she said. “You need a healthy spirit and a curious mind.”

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