Woman constantly complains about boob size. Her husband’s response leaves her stunned.

February 06, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

A young married woman takes a shower and comes out of the shower looking at herself in the mirror. Like most of us she also struggles with her body image. We all do we either think we are too fat, thin, too tall or too short among a host of body issues. Among women their assses and boobs and among men their penis size often lead to many sleepless nights.

For this young woman the problem was her boobs. While some do not like the shape of their boobs some think they are too small while others think they are too big and for others still the problem is the shape of their boobs. This young woman was convinced that her boobs were far too small and that they made her look less than sexy and it hurt her ego.

She constantly complained about the size of her boobs always seeking the approval and validation of her husband who would always lovingly reassure her that no they were not too small and in fact were beautiful and that she was sexy.

Like almost all women however her need for validation had no end and she continued to pester her husband with the question of her boobs. One day her husband was just not in the mood to put up with it anymore. Rather than the usual line of telling her how great her boobs were and how sexy she was, he decided he would give her a recommendation as to how to make those boobs bigger.

So when she fires the question at him for the billionth time if her boobs were too small or not the husband flips. He tells her to make them bigger. The wife is clearly left surprised and asks him how is it possible to make her boobs grow bigger?

The husband very calmly tells her to take some toilet paper and rub it in between her breasts not too long a few seconds at a time would do but that she to do this regularly for it to work.

The wife was open to any idea as she desperately wanted to have bigger breasts as she was very conscious of her small breasts and it ate away at her ego and sense of self. As she looked in the mirror and rubbed the toilet paper between her breasts she was doubting if this would work at all and decided to ask her husband as to will it actually work?

The husband responded in all seriousness that it was a foolproof method to make those breasts grow bigger after all had it not worked for her ass all of these years?

The husband managed to survive the fall out although just barely. Doctors have told him that it is even possible that with long term medical care he may one day be able to walk again.

He certainly got a life lesson he is not about to forget any time soon. It also serves as a warning to all boyfriends and husbands out there women are loving and they crave validation, however if any man values their life, honor and property it is best not tick off womankind.

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