Why So Many Women Are Unable To Orgasm?

February 02, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

According to recent reports, about 75% of women can’t orgasm during intercourse. Even more devastating is the fact that 10-15% of women never had an orgasm in their life. 

Why is this? What’s stopping women from reaching the big ‘O’?

Mainly, there are 2 important factors that influence the female orgasm – the physical and the emotional factors. So, by understanding how these 2 factors work, and by learning how we can improve them and overcome any blockages that we might have which stop us from orgasming, we will become more satisfied with our sex life. And who doesn’t want a better sex life, right? So, let’s begin.


All women are unique in their way. We all have different body shapes, different hair colors, different heights etc. But the differences don’t stop with the woman’s public parts of the body. Our vaginas are different and unique also. And there is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ or ‘normal’ vagina. Every vagina is different and perfect in its own way. 

Every woman has a different shape, size, color, and smell. Also, you should keep in mind that every clitoris comes in different size with its own specific placement. Guys, this means that the clitoris might not be where you think it is! So, take your time to discover your lady’s body and what she likes and enjoys in order to give her the perfect amount of clitoral stimulation.

And ladies, find what excites you and what kind of activities and physical stimulation works for you and communicate them with your partner. You can’t change your vagina or the things that give you pleasure, but it helps if you understand what works for you and what doesn’t. That’s the first big step toward the big ‘O’.


The woman’s mental state is definitely more complicated than her physical factors. It is her emotional and mental state that play the large part of whether or not she could reach climax.

Why So Many Women Are Unable To Orgasm?

We still live in a society where the mere discussion of sex, especially the female orgasm, is avoided thus leaving both men and women unable to know their partner’s desires. And because of this ‘shame’ women don’t talk about their opinions, thoughts, and experiences.

Dr. Sherry A Ross, a gynecologist from LA, wrote what she has learned from her 25 years of experience in her book “Sheology: The Definitive Guide to Women’s Intimate Health. Period.” In the book, she confirms that “talking about the mighty V outside of doctor’s offices and bedrooms have remained a major taboo.”

So, the biggest and the most important step that we should take toward a better sex is to remove all the stigma that is associated with it and become more willing to openly and honestly discuss our sexual needs with our partner. 

Moreover, women have to be “into it” mentally. If she is under stress, or she’s had bad sexual experiences in the past, she wouldn’t be able to achieve an orgasm no matter how amazing her partner is in bed. When she is in a bad mood, she cannot connect with her partner emotionally and mentally, therefore she can’t reach a climax because a connection is essential for women when it comes to sex.

All in all, the best way to reaching the big “O” is through an open and honest conversation with your partner. A long foreplay also helps you to get in the mood when you are not feeling like doing it. But, most importantly, don’t think about whether or not you will get there. Try to relax and enjoy your ‘between the sheets’ time with your partner!

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