What Sexual Taboo Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign

February 13, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Everyone is wired differently, and that could mean being unique at times and at other times weird. It doesn’t matter how posh or perfect you seem to look on the outside; you are probably anomalous on the inside. And if you shake your head in defiance to this theory above, then maybe you might just have to do a double check as your quirky tendencies are bubbling below the surface – waiting to explode. These unique behaviors are very noticeable in the 12 different zodiac signs. Each has their own fetishes which are often taboos on mainstream society. And although a lot of this zodiac signs suppress their urges, they would be better if they just tried to explore these feelings.

The more we try to fit a certain societal or sexual mold, the more awkward we become. But if we just let go of the boundaries we set for ourselves by conforming to certain societal molds and then begin to embrace the endless possibilities and opportunities that present themselves when we are ourselves, we would be happier for it.


For the Sagittarius, you are a people person. And this shows in the way you carry yourself in public. You are a very friendly extrovert who loves nothing more than interacting with people and trying to understand them. And so you are used to having so many friends, and you love to attend occasions or locations that afford them the possibility of being around people.

That is why you tend to love group sex. That is the sexual taboo you would love to indulge in. For you, it has to be something about having communal sex that gets you turned on.


The Taurus is a friend indeed, and that kind of strong loyalty that is characteristic of their friendships is transferred to their romantic relationships as well. And since they have such an amazing character, they end up being the one everyone counts on. That kind of reliance can mount a lot of pressure on them.

To alleviate the stress they go through, Tauruses are known to go the kinky way when it comes to sex. With many of them being the submissive partner.


The Capricorns love to be the dominant partners in an S&B relationship. And they are usually a perfect match for the Taurus who loves to be the submissive partner in the relationship. So if you are a Capricorn who is with a Taurus, then you might consider yourself as a lucky fellow.

And I say this because Capricorns are known to be painfully stubborn folks who always think that they are right. And seen most people don’t believe that, Capricorns get angry, rejected and frustrated. Having someone who allows you access to the rein of power or leadership in a relationship is like finding a gold mine. And so when you are in such a relationship, you find out that you are yourself and happy for it.


For the Cancer, you are a very good friend and romantic partner. Your empathic and emotional characteristics make you a very dependable person too. But you are also a being with many sides to you. You might seem quiet and introverted, but also you like to be wild and extroverted at times. And although you don’t express most of these personalities in real life, you love to do so in bed.

And that is why you are drawn to role-playing while having sex. You see the bedroom as your theatre and the sheets as your stage. And you love a partner who would buy into what you want and let you be yourself. So for you, a great sex life is one where you can be whoever it is that you want to be – a superhero, a villain and everything between. When it comes to sex and romance, you are looking to be psychologically and emotionally invested as much as you are physically. That is the only way you can enjoy sex.


For the Aries, you can say that you really don’t have a sexual taboo and that is because having anal sex has become a thing in mainstream society.

But you have always had this fetish even when it wasn’t so popular. And that could be linked to your natural tendency to beat your own path. You love to do what the public isn’t doing. You want to stand out. Nothing gets you so excited as doing the adventurous or the impossible. You love a challenge, and that is the attitude you bring to the bedroom.

It also isn’t outlandish to think that you could be into multiple sex taboos as your way of life would definitely make you look for newer bed tricks to keep your sex life alive.


The Leo is just as adventurous as the Aries but with a little more aggression added to the mix. They would run through the wall before they ask for the door. They are very bullish and optimistic about whatever it is that they are doing. They would prefer to have rough sex rather than the ”making love kind” of sex. Yes, they are kinky like that. That turns them on than a hair pull and some good ol’ spanking.


As for the Gemini, you are always going to be torn between the two opposing personalities in you. And the struggles that come from this condition can be overwhelming at times. Your family and friends think that you are two people in one and are always left guessing who they will interact with at any given time. And you also suffer that from yourself too. You are very susceptible to an identity crisis, and that is the major drive behind your love for sleeping with strangers.

It could also be that you have a fear that if you get too involved with someone, that person may not finding you that attractive after noticing your struggles with dual personalities. And so you prefer to have flings with strangers, and when they want to get serious, you cut them off. You have to know that you are a person of intrinsic value and thus you deserve to be loved and adored. And when you recognize that, feel free to live your life being your true self. That kind of honesty and transparency would bring the right kinds of people around you. People who would love you just the way you are and I’m the end you will be happy for it.


For the Scorpio, you like to be in charge. And this could stem the fact that you aren’t very good at adapting to change. You like predictability and would love to do things on your own terms. And so being in control when having sex is of utmost importance to you. You like to be the one who calls the shots. It is important that you have a romantic partner who is an opposite of you when it comes to the bed. That would make your sex life an interesting one.


For the Libra, you are obsessed with having films of your escapades in bed. You are drawn to the idea of people drooling over your nudes, and this won’t see anything wrong with having your nudes or scrape out there – as long as you get the attention and worship you ache for. All the nudes on your phone or computer are a testament to this.


For the Virgo, you like food and sex. And that could be a weird combination for most people but not you. You don’t mind licking edible creams of your partner’s body parts, and you also want that done for you. That is your thing.


For the Aquarius, you are more an intellectual than not. And you approach all facets of life with that kind of curiosity. Therefore for you, there are really no taboos – and sex isn’t an exception. In fact, when it comes to sex, you use all your mental efforts to being creative in bed. You create scenarios and so things that just make you irresistible to your partner. Your goal is for your partner to get addicted to you.


For the Pisces, they could seem all prim and proper on the outside but what that is the tip of the iceberg. The Pisces is a dreamer whose boundaries of imagination are virtually nonexistent. And as such, they are down with the taboo. And when I say taboo, I mean all kinds of sexual taboo. And so you have no problems at all having to reenact all your dreams in the bedroom. In fact the strange appeals to you. And so you always have new tricks up your sleeve almost every day.

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