What Men Always Notice About You During Lovemaking.

February 22, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Why is it that we get along with some people like a house on fire and with a few others, we just can’t seem to hit it off, no matter how much we try? It’s all about the comfort level. And in a romantic relationship, it’s even more. You can’t take your relationship with your partner to the next level unless you feel secure and comfortable around him, isn’t it? A few people are shy by nature, and a few others take a while to shed their inhibitions with their partners. When it comes to getting physically intimate with your boyfriend or even your husband, it does take a while. Girls are conscious about certain aspects like the way they look, the shape of their body, their curves, etc. Most of us are under the impression that guys check out the flaws in our bodies during sex. But, lemme tell you, dearies, that is not true at all. If you thought physical intimacy was all about checking each other out, there’s more to it. Guys do notice certain things in a girl during the act, but not necessarily your vital statistics. Here are a few things you should be aware of…

1. Proactive Approach

Tell someone about your first kiss, and the immediate question you have to field would be, “Who made the first move?” You might think, “It’s no big deal. How does it matter who acted first? The kiss was enjoyable.” But, girl, if you are one of those who thinks this way, it’s time to change your mind. It makes a lot of difference. A man loves it when his girl initiates the act. Even a foreplay or a kiss is inviting and shows him that you are prepared to begin the act mentally and physically. A wee bit enthusiasm will also excite him enough to make the entire game interesting. Know what I mean?

2. Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

You can easily deceive somebody with your body language and talk, but your eyes give away your true state of being. Which is why they often stress about eye contact in any communication class because that’s where your heart actually lies. When a man looks into your eyes, it becomes easy for him to know what you are thinking or feeling. Guys are clever enough to look into your eyes and see if you are satisfied, happy, or unhappy with the way things are progressing. A look of glee in your eyes can turn him on and up the heat in the room in a jiffy.

3. Move Your Body, Baby

Be it dance or intercourse, the movement of your body is critical. One bad move, and it’s going to spoil the moment. Be conscious of this fact. Once you decide to get physical with him, let go of your inhibitions and free your body. A stiff body isn’t a good sign. It may also raise doubts in his mind about your level of interest to carry on the act till the climax. A good move, on the other hand, can make the game an interesting one. So, woman, mind your moves and also choose them wisely.

4. Every Breath You Take

If you thought I was about to promote a mouth freshener here, you are mistaken. By breath, I mean the intensity of your breath. A guy will certainly notice if your breath is getting racy or slow. This will also give him a clear indication of your true feelings. Faking an orgasm with heavy breathing is an instant turn off, so DON’T do it.

5. Lingerie

Yes, yes, I know the very word lingerie conjures up images of a steamy session in your head. But it’s true that sexy lingerie can take the game up by several notch. Good lingerie can never go waste, and if your guy gifts you one, even better. Sexy inner wear is a part of every woman’s wardrobe, and this is the time it can be put to good use. It can turn on a man in no time. What now? No, this is no filmy drama where a woman walks into a guy’s room wearing the most beautiful skimpy inner wear to seduce a man. It’s true, girls. Try it and tell me if it doesn’t work.

6. Confidence

No man likes a woman who’s not confident enough. The most important aspect he observes will be how much confidence you have in him and yourself. I mean, if you are conscious about your bodily flaws and embarrassed to expose them, you can be sure his reaction will be disastrous. Embrace your body and be proud of what you have. Just enjoy the act and be yourself. Nothing can come in the way of your happiness.

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