What Happens In Human Body When Couples Love!

February 22, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

#1 The beginning of love making!

It takes around 10-30 seconds of physical stimulation before taking the excitement level to that level where your body starts to respond to the stimulation by making you hard or wet.

#2 Highland phase!

The man gets harder and bigger and his testicles pull back into the scrotum as he gets turned on. The lips of girl’s private part grow in size and get narrower. If a woman has never given birth, her private part will turn brighter in color!

#3 The male orgasm

The climax approaches when the urethral bulb begins to collect seminal fluid and the ejaculation follows. The peni$ continuously contracts to create a sensitive sensation in men.

#4 The female orgasm

Every eight-tenths of a second, the vaginal wall contracts in a rhythmic pattern. The contraction depends on the level and quality of orgasm. The girl’s blood pressure, breathing and pulse shoot up too as she moves into a denser feeling of pleasure.

#5 Redemption!

Once the couple is done with their subsequent orgasms, their bodies take around half an hour to come back to normal phase. This is the reason why men can’t continue with same intensity just after orgasm. In women, the swelling around the uterus and clitoris decrease to the normal level in a shorter time!

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