What does the your facial hair reveal about your personality?

February 02, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Blessed are those who can grow a beard and the way they wear it does reveal a lot about their personal tastes. It reveals a lot about how they see themselves and how they want themselves to be seen by others. Their individual styles speak about them as they choose the style themselves.Here's what your beard says about you. 

Here, we have the 10 most common facial hairstyles which men sport and what it says about their personality. 

#1 Full Beard

A full beard brings out a kind of mature look which is ideally sexy and also does not appear forced. It is one of the most natural looks, a man sports and it brings out the cool yet confident side of the man. It also reflects a scholarly side and makes the person appear intellectual which can truly be irresistible, especially to women who are attracted towards a complex personality.

#2 Ducktail

The ducktail is a variation of the full beard with a pointed shape at the chin. This shape attracts a person's attention towards the pointed tip and the personality which gets reflected is that of a smart and a sharp personality. This shape reveals that you are sexy in a classic way but your thoughts are more modern and progressive. You are someone who is both an intellectual and have a sense of humor which can kill. An irresistible combo of looks and style, your personality reveals sophistication of your being.

#3 Extended Goatee

An extended goatee reflects a personality which is youthful, vibrant, and smooth. On the other hand, you may also have commitment issues as you want a beard but haven't taken it to its maximum. It brings out the casual side of your personality and you may be one of the most easy-going people one could come across. Your personality had the charm of youth and the pull of maturity, making you incredibly sexy.

#4 Zappa

Zappa is one of the classic looks and has been in vogue for years now. Quite simple in its style, it displays a low-maintenance yet macho personality. It reflects a straightforward person who has no time for nonsense. Sporting the Zappa means that you are highly confident about your sexuality and like to keep things cool and simple.

#5 Verdi

The Verdi is one of the more difficult looks to pull off as it takes a certain kind of 'royal' attitude to sport. The mustache elevated at the tips reflects a rare kind of self-confidence and a bit of positive arrogance. This look brings out an independent person with a level of haughtiness which can be a truly irresistible combination.

#6 Circle Beard

The circle beard is smooth, simple and easy to maintain. It reveals that you have a soft side to you and may even be a rather sensitive person. It is also quite often sported by artists as it is a good blend of macho and cool. You may be a bit old-fashioned and yet keep abreast of the progressive thoughts. You are a warm person and if there's one thing that defines you, it is your generous heart.

#7 Bandholz

A full beard which expands further and is left unkempt reflects a happy-go-lucky nature which when combined with the maturity that a beard brings out, makes you one of the hottest guys around. It is an incredibly macho look to sport and often sported by lumberjacks, it brings out the raw sexual nature of your personality. Not everyone has the look to pull it off but if you can, then you are in for quite a lot of longing glances from the opposite gender.

#8 Garibaldi

A well-kempt Garibaldi is one one of the most difficult looks to maintain. It takes time and effort to shape the beard and it takes a lot of patience to maintain it. It reflects that you are the kind of person who is mature, patient, and knows how to take care of things he is committed to. The fact that you put in so much effort into something you love shows and women, especially, admire the commitment you show as a person.

#9 Clean Shaven

A clean-shaven man is usually considered a conscientious, kind, and a loving person. It brings out your youthful side as being clean-shaven makes you look younger than when you have a beard. It shows a professional person who is sensitive, polite, and punctual to the hilt. The boyish charm of the clean-shaven man never gets old and your maturity combined with the kiddish innocence can make the other gender drool in delight.

#10 Stubble

The classic sand-paper feel and the five o'clock shadow has always been a chick magnet. It is the style which lingers between the macho attitude of a man and the childish innocence of a boy. A blend of young and old, the intrigue of the beard brings out a mysterious side of your personality which is incredibly attractive to the opposite gender.

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