What does Valentine's Day hold for your zodiac sign?

February 05, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

#1 Aries

Valentine's Day is going to be incredibly amazing for Aries. You may go out for dinner, movie or a special date and the day will be spent in sweet talks and reaffirming your love for each other. Your Valentine's Day will be more about the emotional connection than the physical one and you may find yourself falling in love with your partner over again.

#2 Taurus

Taureans may not have the ideal Valentine's Day as you may have wished. You may end up spending the day alone and jealous of the other couples who are out having a good time. Envy may take over your heart and you may feel repulsed at the public display of affection around you on that day. You may as well spend the day at home or swiping left-right on your dating app.

#3 Gemini

For the Geminis, your Valentine's Day is going to be warm and cozy. You would most probably spend the day with your love cuddled under the sheets or sip coffee with them at home. You would like to spend the time together in a comfortable space and avoid going out in the crowd. Your day would be about rekindling the romance in your life and rediscovering the warmth of your relationship. 

#4 Cancer

For Cancerians, your Valentine's Day is going to be a bit troubling. You may end up fighting with your love or get into an argument which may spoil both your moods. You may not have planned your special day to go sour but situations may just arise that things go downhill. Though you may not do something which you'll regret later, the chances of the day getting sour are too high.

#5 Leo

For Leo, chances are that this will be the day you will understand how pure your love is. Things may happen that would make you realize how much you love each other and how much you mean to each other. You will experience a strange kind of peace in each other's company and the innocence of your hearts would be revealed to each other.

#6 Virgo

For Virgos, your Valentine's Day is going to be fiery and passionate. You will realize how intensely attracted you are to each other and how deeply you desire one another. It will be a day of fierce passion and emotions would run high. Love, lust, and extreme desire would all come together in perfect union to make this Valentine's Day, a day to be cherished forever.

#7 Libra

For Libra, your Valentine's Day would be spent appreciating how much you care for each other. You would spend the day talking and thinking about how your love has grown and how deeply rooted your feelings for each other are. You would find yourself elevated in love and yet humbled by the thought that you have found the only one you needed in your life.

#8 Scorpio

For Scorpio, your Valentine's Day would be spent in an adventurous way. You would discover new things about each other and you would find the hidden qualities in your partner. Your love would blossom at the thought of the newly found novelties. You would rekindle your desire for your love and the newly found qualities of your partner would bind you in love which would be deeper than before. 

#9 Sagittarius

For Sagittarians, your Valentine's Day is going to be fun, busy, and spontaneous. You would end up trashing your previous plans and just going with the flow. With each other for company, you would let the moment decide where you want to be. You would cherish each moment of the day and end up doing things which you hadn't even thought of before but cherish it anyway.

#10 Capricorn

For Capricorns, your Valentine's day would be about the future rather than the present. It will be the day when you would start planning for the future or seriously thinking about where you are headed as a couple. You may have to answer a few difficult questions about the future and you may have to find new solutions but you would be able to solve it together.

#11 Aquarius

For Aquarians, your Valentine's Day is going to be simple yet beautiful. Like the vastness of the blue sky, you would find how vast your own love is for your partner. And like the blue ocean, you would find how deep it is. Your love may even end up overwhelming you and this realization (that how much you are in love) would be the sweetest thing to happen to you on the day.

#12 Pisces

For Pisceans, your Valentine's Day is going to be one hell of a roller-coaster ride. You would fight and then you would make up and then you may fight again. Emotions would be flying high and one of the partners would need to stay calm. Things would get resolved by the end of the day but you may need some outside help too. Overall, you will have a nice day but it may not be the kind you would remember forever.

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