Want To Find Out If a Girl is Still a Virgin? Read the 3 Ways Here!

February 09, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Sometimes, it is hard for a guy to determine if a girl is still a virgin or not by just looking at her. There are girls who are more discreet and there are also girls who flirt with a lot with boys. Here, we will provide some behavioral clues on how to determine if a girl is still a virgin or not.

1. Anatomically. This is the most certain way of finding if a girl is still a virgin as once it is torn apart, that means she already had a s*xual interc*urse with someone else. The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. However, of course, you cannot check the hymen of a woman in a public area.

There are times you cannot rely to this as some physical activities may cause the hymen to break.

2. Appearance. Those women who wear sexier clothes may have had a s*xual intercourse already than those who do not. The more confident she can speak about the topic, the more chance she already did it with someone. Mannerism also helps.

3. Behavior. If a woman is very religious, that may indicate that this woman is still a virgin. These type of women are often against pre-marital s*x. Religious women consider pre-marital s*x as a sin.

These findings are not based on scientific study so we should not rely and judge a girl just because of these indications.

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