This Young Woman Thought Her Grains Were Due To Hormones. What The Microscope Reveals, Showed Everyone!

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It is very common for our skin to appear a lot of imperfections, especially if we do not give it the care it deserves.

One of the imperfections that appears without a doubt are pimples and acne, which in a short time disappear. But there are cases where people have another symptom and still think it is acne, so they do not take care of it.

Here we will give you more about demodicosis, which is due to a microscopic parasite such as the mite, which is responsible for damaging our skin.

Demodicosis, a disease that is easily confused

The disease peaks during the late summer, or beginning the fall season, there is when the skin weakens and becomes more oily due to regular exposure to ultraviolet rays. This causes an increase in ticks.

Sometimes red or pink pimples appear on our foreheads and cheeks. Also, problems arise from inflammation of our hair follicles, which do not tell us anything other than the demodicosis.

The symptoms of this disease turn out to be very similar to those of other diseases of the skin, reason why the doctors finishes to him seeming extremely difficult to be able to diagnose it in time, which only generates that the situation worsens of remarkable way.

This mite, called Demodex, is not easy to find with the naked eye, because it is installed in the fat of our follicles, since that, along with dead skin, is its main food. Also, your waste can generate strong infections in our skin.

In the adult world population, it is very easy to find people with the disease on top; Most of its victims are pregnant women, however, who have the immune system out of control and are more likely to suffer from infections of this type.

If it is treated on time, it can only take 1 to 3 months to heal from this problem. With the use of medications, to inhibit the secretion of fat, it can help decrease inflammation. Share this important information!

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