This Is Your Ideal Sex Position Based On Your Zodiac Sign

February 01, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

When it comes to sex we all have our choices and, we prefer one that is best suited for your personality. On the other hand, your Zodiac sign leads your character to a significant degree. The fact that your Zodiac signs have an impact on your personal lives also influences the way you have sex.Since there are ideal sex positions which are suited for your Zodiac signs and here, we unveil what they are.

#1 Aries

Aries are brave, firm, and loving. They love taking on leadership roles, physical challenges and enjoy playing. They take things in their stride and are a good at sport and hate laziness very much.

Hence, the bicycle position is best suited for them, and they can be good at it.

#2 Taurus

Taureans never compromise and can be a bit possessive at times although they are reliable, patient, practical, yet stubborn people. Taureans are good with romance, gardening, cooking and other such sensitive yet complicated tasks.

Accordingly, the ideal sex position for all the Taureans is the Tangled Spider, which is a perfect blend of sensitivity and strength.

#3 Gemini

Geminis can adapt quickly to different situations and are curious by nature they are gentle and affectionate people. However, they also fancy some routine in their lives as they are content with repetition.

The sex position Jackhammer is ideally suited to their personality.

#4 Cancer

Cancer people love having a deep connection with people in their lives but can be pessimistic at times. They are artistic and on the creative side of life. As their Zodiac sign are purposeful, imaginative, loyal, and emotional.

The best position suited for the personality of Cancer is supported doggie stretch.

#5 Leo

Leos are loving people. They are ever on point with their conversation and do not like people who beat around the bush. They are tender-hearted and cheerful by nature; they can seldom be stubborn.

Straight-forward and honest, they don’t like being wasteful. Sniper is, therefore, the sex position best suited for their personality.

#6 Virgo

Virgos are most comfortable in the lap of nature kind, hardworking and loyal people who love animals, books. They hate being rude or asking for help.They know what they want in life, and they don’t stop in putting a bit of extra effort to get what they want.

They can go places with this Wild rodeo; this position matches their temper.

#7 Libra

Libras hate conforming to rules and are diplomatic, gracious people. They are always looking out for new opportunities ever, and they are in the quest for their next adventure.

Boston brute, looks simple but is extremely difficult to pull off, is the ideal sex position for Libras. They are unafraid of trying out new things; they don’t hold themselves back when it comes to sex.

#8 Scorpio

Scorpios love a good secret and can be extremely careful about their lives. They are brave, capable and incredibly passionate people.

Bermuda position to satisfy the lust of mystery among the Scorpios.

#9 Sagittarius

Sagittarians sense of humor is just incredible, and they are jovial by nature. They are the people who always honor what they say and no matter what would never break their promises. They are also the philosophers and the free thinkers of humanity who can be quite frank and undiplomatic.

Therefore Bedlock perfectly suits their personality.

#10 Capricorn

Capricorns are unforgiving if their trust is broken and are known for their responsible, disciplined, and controlled mannerisms. They are craftsmen by nature and love creating things out of the blue.

Cuban cradle is the sex position that brings out the very best of their personalities.

#11 Aquarius

Aquarians can be considered as real humanitarians as they are usually inclined towards altruism. Progressive and independent they like having fun, helping out and fighting for the right causes.

At times they can be touchy but are incredibly active in their sex lives.Hence the most suited position for them is the leading nosedive as they can dive into sex anytime they want!

#12 Pisces

Pisceans are overly trusting and can be romantic when they want to be, and they are genuinely compassionate, artistic, and gentle by nature. They are quite good at abstract thoughts and more of visual thinkers.

They are ideally suited for the highly sophisticated sex position, coincidentally named Doorway to heaven. They are Spiritual and driven by their inner sense of right and wrong.

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