This Is What Those Weird Small White Dots On Your Face Mean

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

We all try our best to present our best face in front of everyone. For achieving that best look, we put on makeup, we dress up well and do all the required stuff to maintain our personal hygiene. But, nothing can undo the stress and tension created by some annoying skin disorders.

Whether you are having eczema, acne, or some little white dots, every skin problem reduces the charm on your face, and you probably didn’t like it, even then, you accept these restraints. Luckily, there is the solution to every problem, and you have all the powers to treat them. Let’s talk about some tiny white spots in this article. What they actually are and how to prevent them? Have a look at the complete story and white spot extraction

Do you know what these little white spots are called as?

They are known as milia and are technically minute little cysts made up of keratin trapped under your skin.

How are they caused?

These annoying little blemishes generally occur due to some sort of damage like sunburn, steroid cream use or any type of skin infection

Does it appear in adults’ face only?

It’s nothing mandatory that the condition occurs with adults only, in fact, these spots are most common in babies. Around 40% of newborns’ face is covered with these tiny spots. And there is nothing to worry about, they’ll go on their own

But if ignored for long, can turn into something serious.

To remove the bumps at the home itself, follow some home remedies given on the next page.

First home remedy to deal with stubborn milk spots

Give a proper steam to your face, it helps in opening your pores and stimulating blood circulation.

Tea tree oil works as a great disinfectant.

Just apply a bit of tea tree oil on the affected area after cleaning your face at the night and leave it for the whole night.

Aloe Vera.

Massage the affected area with fresh Aloe Vera leaf gel. Leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning. Do this twice daily until the bumps disappear. It usually shows positive results within a few days.

Exfoliate your face for the best results.

Use of lemon juice and sugar scrub works well in clearing these milky white spots.

In the case when home remedies don’t work.

At this situation, going to a dermatologist will be the best option. They use a sterile needle, laser treatment or sometimes cryotherapy to remove these cysts.

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