This Baby Saves Her Mom's Life At Birth - But The Worst Is Yet To Come

February 22, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Synonymous with happy event, pregnancy is a magic moment for some couples but it is also a period of intense stress for future mothers. They are worried about whether their baby will be healthy and whether the delivery will be okay. These two fears, this young woman had to face them, discover her story!
The moving story of this young woman

When Katie Handson became pregnant with little Willow Rae and after a few months of pregnancy, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The doctors advised her to have an abortion in order to be able to follow a chemotherapy and to be operated but this one could not be resigned to losing her baby.

She therefore completed her pregnancy and was later surgically removed from the tumor. The young mother was grateful to her daughter for saving her life and being free from cancer because without this pregnancy she would never have detected the disease. However, when little Willow was born, Kati saw her happiness collapse.

Indeed, Willow has been diagnosed with a rare disease, cell disease with inclusions or mucolipidosis type II. This disease is characterized by a lysosomal storage disorder, which refers to the lysosome, that is to say the spherical part of a cell that can metabolize the latter. It causes growth and developmental delay, bone and skeletal abnormalities, facial dysmorphism, thick, hard skin and abnormal increase in heart size.

The doctors, considering the heart failure, respiratory and kidney problems suffered by the girl, have estimated that in the best cases, she will live until the age of ten years. It should be noted that the average is between three and five years and that there are only 72 confirmed cases of patients with type II mucolipidosis worldwide.

A simple cold could kill her as her immune system is not functioning properly, as her organs and a mild illness like this would mean a visit to the hospital and a survival device. In addition, developmental delay prevents most children with inclusion cell disease from communicating with speech.

However, Willow learned to say "yes" as well as "mom". The little girl is extremely courageous and has escaped unscathed several times from various diseases including eight pneumonia and respiratory and digestive problems. Her growth stopped at the age of 18 months and she measures the same height as a child of just 6 months. Nevertheless, his mother enjoys every moment at his side because she knows that memories will be the only things that will remain.

Due to the lack of identified cases and therefore the lack of funding for the search for a treatment for mucolipidosis type II, no remedy allows children with this rare disease to survive. It is therefore necessary to donate to institutes, centers and scientific research associations that work on new treatments.

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