These 9 Criminals Look Ridiculously Hot in Their Mugshots. Never Judge A Book By Its Cover!

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

As we’ve seen before, most mugshots look absolutely terrible. These criminals, on the other hand, do not belong to that group . Sure, they’re criminals and they broke a bunch of laws… but they looked very good when they were caught!
This guy right here became internet sensation when this picture came out, and after finishing his sentence he became a model for male underwear!

Dreadlocks usually don’t make person cute, but these surely does!

Is she arrested or what? If she killed someone with that smile we forgive her!

She’s got some bad thoughts on her mind, and they surely aren’t as bad as ours when we look at her!

Come on, judges, you can see that he’s sorry, just look at those puppy eyes!

The only thing she stole here was our attention!

This ironic smile and red eyes says either she did something or shes just trying to stay positive.

How could someone gorgeous like this do anything wrong? This could be the reason why I’m not a cop…

Orange suits her, but maybe shirt with black and white stripes suits her better…

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