There Are Only 5 Types of Personalities in The Entire World! Which One Are You?

February 06, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Throughout life, you will meet many kinds of people with different personalities. These will either help you or prevent you from becoming the person you were meant to be. Therefore, it would be really helpful if you could spot certain traits in people from the beginning. You would know whether it’s worth keeping them or cutting them out of your life. Or you may learn something new about yourself!

Usually, people’s personalities are classified into 5 types. However, it’s important to know that you can have traits and characteristics from all 5 classifications.

Type 1 – “The Social Butterfly”

Individuals who belong to this type are the most communicative of all types. They can be described as social addicts who need to be surrounded by others at all times. They are capable of telling someone all about themselves the first time they see them.

Their self-awareness is really well-developed because they’re more curious and have taught themselves to be that way. They’re very intellectual, like to question everything, and don’t abide by the rules. You can call them the “why” people. But, this is definitely not a bad thing, since it actually makes them excellent visionaries and mentors to other persons.

On the other hand, these open-minded individuals are more prone to fall into alcoholism or drug use and engage in a variety of sexual intimacies with different people. Furthermore, occasionally they’re known to be pushy while trying to help you. Also, if you need a good listener, go to someone else as that is not their strongest trait.

Type 2 – “The Attentive Ear” 

These highly empathic individuals are constantly searching for that deep, emotional connection. They’re exceptionally loyal, fair and tolerant. They will always listen to you and give you the best advice they can. If you make them angry, holding grudges is not something they would do. In fact, forgiveness comes very easily for them. Their curious, creative mind, as well as their ever-growing interest in philosophy, art, movies, regularly helps them become some of the most talented writers, painters, etc.

Nevertheless, they don’t like doing things outside the norm. Individuals who identify with this type are not willing to take risks and would rather follow a type 1 visionary than becoming one themselves.

Type 3 – “The shapeshifter”

As you can tell by the name, this type of people are able to take on whatever role in order to obtain their goals. Those with fake personas are known for their manipulative abilities and absolute lack of empathy but are often very skilled in masking their true nature. Cold-hearted individuals like these will never show you their weakness.

Without you even realizing, these people will get under your skin and ruin your relationship with your loved ones. The shapeshifters constantly lure you into their intricately woven web of lies by offering you fake pleasures. They will stop at nothing to achieve their plans and have no problem waiting a long time for it to play out. If you know a person like this in your life, it would be best to stop any kind of contact with them.

Type 4 – “The Emotional Attacher”

Deep inside, people with this type of personality are very insecure. Due to their constant fear they would end up alone, they tend to attach themselves to others very quickly. After they attach themselves to a person, they require a lot of attention and will resort to whatever it takes to get it. Even manipulation and criticizing other people who they view as competitors for that person’s attention. On the other hand, they will be quite submissive to them and believe in their authority.

However, even though the emotional attachers want to be in charge and often make bad choices to achieve that, they are extremely loyal and don’t want to use you or harm you in any way.

Type 5 – “The Lone Wolf”

These people are very self-dependent and self-reliable and don’t need other people in order to function normally. In fact, they don’t have any lasting relationship with others. This is why they’re typically viewed by society as secretive, mysterious and sometimes dangerous. But, underneath this hard exterior, these reserved people are actually easily hurt.

It should be noted, that this type of personality may blend in with the type 1 or 2 personalities in a certain period of the person’s life. A traumatic experience or event may force them to become “the lone wolf” and live a bit isolated.

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