The Angels of Love

February 12, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

The Angels of Love surround and protect you always. Let these angels help you to accept love in all of its glorious forms and become more loving yourself. Love without conditions and watch how things in your life begin to change.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. As you radiate love, you move through the world with an ease that cannot be described but must be experienced. Love is an invisible shield that protects you without thought. When you are love, you vibrate at such a frequency that words and thoughts of others can only reach you if they too are high vibrating.

Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings. Choose the thoughts that make you feel the very best. The purer your vibration is the more you are going to be, the more you are going to be pleased with the outcome. The more you feel love, the more you are in alignment with your world.

Never take action when there is negative emotion. This is counterproductive and stops you from allowing in the energy of possibilities. It cuts off the flow and creates more work to clear up the blockages later. As soon as you feel a negative emotion about anything, stop what you are doing and look deeper. Ask yourself why you are feeling this way and what you need to do to make the changes.

The first thing you should do is ‘Get yourself really clear of that energy.’ Return to feelings of love as your baseline. Ask the angels of love to surround you and just become so much love that all things become possible, without a doubt.

Focus on wonderful things. That is the fastest way to alter your mindset to a more desired state. The more you see the wonder in things, the more wonderful things you will attract to you. Focus on something wonderful in those that challenge you at first and you will soon see a new to side them. It was always there, you just weren’t’ looking in the right place before. Let the angels of love show you the path to a better way!

Be love so much that when others are with you , they can’t help but be love too. That is powerful!
Your Angel Guidance is to ask the Angels of Love to enter all aspects of your life:

The Angels of Love want you to love everything that you can. Love everyone in your life. This does not mean you must spend your time with them, only that it is important to love them regardless. The more you focus on love and the things you love, the more you will experience a world filled with love.

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