Test Your Color Vision By Trying To Read These 8 Words On Images

February 07, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Test your color vision by looking at these images and trying to find out what is written on them.

The NEI says we can categorize color blindness into 3 types: red-green color blindness, blue-yellow color blindness, and complete color blindness. Red-green color blindness is the most common, which is the loss or limited function of the red cone (known as protan) or green cone (deutran) photopigments. Blue-yellow color blindness is rarer than red-green color blindness and it’s when the blue-cone (tritan) photopigments are either missing or have limited function. Complete color blindness (monochromacy) is straightforward; anyone with this color vision deficiency can’t experience any color at all. This can also affect the clearness of their vision.

1) The hidden word is Tree.

2) If you can see the word EAT you are right!

3) It is something that rimes with root… It’s boot.

4) We like our desserts like this. Sweet!

5) Green part of the town… Park.

6) The word you search for is Love.

7) Something we wear on our heads. Hat.

8) Avoid it to avoid getting fat. Bread.

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