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Waco, Texas | An employee of the Tex-Mex giant, Taco Bell, is accused of stealing more than 30,000$ worth of food from her employer over the last five years.

Margarita Rodriguez was arrested at home by officers of the Waco Police Department after a warrant was issued against her by a Texas state judge.

The 41-year old woman was charged with 960 accusations of petty theft, 3 charges of public misconduct and one charge of drug possession.

According to Taco Bell spokesperson, Anita Hernandez, Ms. Rodriguez ate more than 25,000$ of tacos, as well as burritos, quesadillas, nachos and soft drink, over the five years that she’s worked for the food chain.

“She would eat at least twelve tacos on each of her work shifts, without paying anything. Over five years, that’s approximately 12,000 tacos!”

Ms. Hernandez says the food chain decided to investigate after a regional manager noticed some irregularities in the restaurant’s inventory.

During the investigation, they watched thousands of hours of recordings from the security cameras and discovered the reason why so much food was missing.

“You could see the accused gulping food down relentlessly, even when she was serving customers at the counter. She would eat at least 30$ of food every time she came to work.” 

Upon seeing the images, the restaurant manager filed a complaint with the police and the Waco Police Department took over the investigation.

Margarita Rodriguez’ boss, Pedro Franco Ortensia, says he’s always trusted her and was shocked to see the video images.

Ms. Rodriguez’ lawyer, Horacio Montega, says that his client suffers from both a chronic eating disorder and several food addictions.

According to him, her actions were directly caused by her medical condition so she shouldn’t be held criminally responsible for her actions.

Margarita Rodriguez was released on bail this afternoon and is expected in court in September for the beginning of her trial.

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