Should You Marry Your Twin Flame?

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The twin flame relationship is a complex and unique thing.

It is the thing people are often most curious about, mostly because we are programmed innately with the strong desire to find and cultivate love – both by our DNA and by our strand of universal consciousness.

And besides the problem of finding our twin flame, the most frequent concern expressed is over the nature of the relationship we are supposed to have with our twin flame.

Life Partners

We might assume that our twin flame is destined to be our life partner.

While it might be the case that we are supposed to have our twin flame as a romantic life partner, it is most often a little more complicated than that.

Our twin flame is undoubtedly our partner in spirit and consciousness, our timeless partner across many lives, but they might not necessarily be destined to play that role this time around.

Sometimes we might already have a life partner, we might already be married or in a long-term committed relationship.

In this instance, we should be very, very careful about giving up a loving relationship to chase our twin flame.

But then again, we might find that we are unhappy in that relationship and the appearance of our twin flame is a wake-up call to that.

Unique Journey

We are all on our own unique spiritual journey, and no advice about what we should do to progress along it is going to be one size fits all.

If we are to know what to do, we must attune to our own unique spiritual journey.

When we are in doubt about the nature of the relationship that we should share with our twin flame, it pays to spend some time in meditation and contemplation, asking our spirit guides to help us make a decision.

We can trust our intuition when it comes to these things. Intuition is a tool that our spirit guides use to nudge us in the right direction and, when making decisions about our spiritual journey, we should trust it to guide us well.


And it really is from within that we need to take guidance on whether or not we should marry our twin flame.

We know, and our spiritual selves know what is best for us, we just need to ensure that we are listening.

When we are out of balance, we can stop listening to our spiritual intuition and spirit guides and start acting without contemplation.

We might think that we should marry our twin flame simply because that is what we think we should do.

Thinking like this can lead us into damaging and abusive relationships. This is a trap we are all unfortunately in danger of falling in to.

So if you are trying to decide whether you should marry your twin flame, do not rush the decision.

Take the time to ask all the questions you need to ask yourself and your spirit guides, make sure that you are in the right place spiritually and trust your intuition.

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