SHOCKING!! ALL LADIES YOU MUST KNOW THIS: Because of These Mistakes That You Do Every Day, Your B00BS SAGS!

February 26, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

You have a problem because your chest too loose and flabby? This’ll want to know. Reasons why your breasts are more relaxed.


Researchers at the University of Lund (Sweden) in one study that has been linked to breast cancer have concluded that coffee affects your breasts. They claim that the three cups of coffee a day, “enough” through a longer period of notice to have your breasts reduced.

Insufficient vitamin C

Vitamin C in the body and has a role include, inter alia to build elastic tissue and collagen, because of the great need your body.


Smoking is not healthy for another reason-namely that breaks above the elastic tissue and collagen. This let you be one more reason to quit smoking.


When we lose mass and elastic tissue, thus becoming softer breasts.

Wrong bra

According to the survey 80% of women do not know the true size of your bra. Wrong size affects the firmness of your breasts. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask when buying a bra saleswoman for help.

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