She Saw A Baby, Who Stopped Breathing. Amazing Skills Of This Woman Saved A Life!

February 05, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Pamela Rauseo was sitting in a traffic jam when something terrible happened.

All of a sudden, her nephew, who was only five months old, stopped crying.

She knew that something was wrong because he always cried when they were in traffic.

The woman jumped to the back to check him up. The child was out; he didn’t breathe.

It was the worst moment in her life. Pamela ran out of the car. She was screaming for help! Then the brave woman started to perform CPR.

People from the other cars rushed to help her. Some time after a police officer joined them. She was able to perform chest compressions.

It seemed that this nightmare was never going to end. The baby began to breathe on his own in a few horrible minutes. Thanks to the actions of all these people the boy was rescued.

Now 5-month-old baby is in critical, but stable condition in the hospital.

I am so happy that they could bring him back to life. His aunt is a real hero! She was courageous enough for saving a life!

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