Sex & Aural Energy – Pay Attention to Whom You Share Your Intimate Energy With

February 21, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The sexual connection between two human beings is something way more than a physical act. The true love is a connection that requires a lot of patience, hard work, dedication, sacrifices and setting up the true goals in life.

Making love is materializing of the true love, and just sex, is nothing but a huge failure of two people who want to express physically and satisfy their primal needs. Making love means to establish a strong spiritual and physical connection between yourself and your partner. Because of the dogmatic ideologies spread by some religions, sex is considered only as an act of nature with a mysterious connection to the Creator. The human’s spiritual involvement in sex is completely neglected. On the other hand, some ancient cultures see sex as a part of the spiritual life. Kama-sutra is a living proof of that. Some people still see the spiritual life as a great ‘tool’ to embrace and respect their sexuality.

This is just another hard proof that sex is not just a physical, but a spiritual activity too, that can bring great progress to you as a person and help you improve on all fields living a healthier life. As a matter of fact it’s true that sex is the primal fundamental need just like hunger or thirst, but it’s our job as a conscious human beings to give more meaning to it, other than the need, and nature’s way of reproduction, because it’s the deeper meaning and the conscious mind about the things around us that separates us from the animals, including sex.

So, in order to become intimate with a person, first, you have to connect with the person on a spiritual and intellectual level. Your bond is needed to be always taken care of as something special. What is also very important is your hygiene. If you really want to have a strong relationship and active sex-life, you need to keep physical hygiene as well as spiritual.

Your body is the medium you use to communicate via sex. Your partner and you are establishing a spiritual connection, so if you want uninterrupted and pure connection, you need to clean your bodies. To clean the body is easy, but the cleat the aura it’s a little bit harder.

To keep your aura powerful and always in high-frequency vibration you should try the following steps: MEDITATION, HEALINGS, AURA READINGS AND ACCEPTING YOURSELF AS YOU ARE.

The meditation will provide you with new spiritual abilities and will help you heal yourself. The aura-readings will help you implement yourself better in the outside world and establish stronger social connections, as well as with your loved one. Accepting yourself is the key solution to all of your problems and a huge opportunity to truly change yourself for the better.

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