Scientists Revealed Dead People Are Perfectly Aware of Their Own Deaths

February 07, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Everyone wants to know what there is after we die. That is really hard question to answer because there are so many theories and speculations about this that it just clouds our minds. But maybe scientists have come to conclusion what really happens to our mind after we die.
Most people that came to near-death situation claim that they saw some mysterious light in front of them.

Others claim that they saw their own body, as if their soul was hovering over their lifeless bodies.

With all that in mind, there were many movies that tell us about second life and how does the afterlife actually look like. But what experts have found out about this will surely spark some new ideas.

The film ‘Flatliners,’ a remake of the film from the 1990s which stars Ellen Page, portrays a group of students of medicine who are trying to prevent their hearts from beating in order to find out if there is an afterlife.

Recently, experts have come to conclusion that one’s consciousness is alive a few minutes after the body dies. To make it clear, this means that we are aware of our consciousness after we die.

A team of experts from NYU School of Medicine carried out a detailed research in order to find the answer to the question that has bothered almost everyone.

Patients were able to depict everything they experienced in minute details, even some conversations the doctors had among themselves

The examination of sensation of hovering above one’s own body gave no results, unfortunately.

Death takes place the very moment the human heart stops pumping and beating, as it prevents blood to reach the brain and thus causes cells to deteriorate and die.

This is the moment when the cerebral cortex immediately stops working and this part is is the brain part that is in charge of dealing with information and enabling people to think. These processes stop 20 seconds after the blood supply is interrupted.

The answer to the question, how can we be conscious after death is that brain cells do not die instantly but in fact, after few hours!

Another group of experts have another theory. They say that our consciousness is actually based on rather complex and multiple structures, which prevents it from being interrupted immediately.

With all this in mind, one must think, did ‘Flatliners’ actually helped us realize a rather interesting and important concept which could be possibly dealt with during additional research?

What has been concluded is that considering the situation, it is possible to improve a patient’s brain and its activities to help them recollect something they forgot a long time ago.

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