Pick One Sun And Get A Wise Message For Your Near Future

February 12, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

The weather is cold and the sunny moments last very briefly. Well, if you miss the sun, this test may be able to “cool you” a bit by giving you a wise message about your near future. Take a few seconds, take a look at the picture, close your eyes and choose the sun that attracts you most … 

First Sun 

Sometimes your big dream sleeps peacefully in your consciousness so you can pay attention to simple tasks in life. Consider why the trunks are castrated before the flowering of beautiful flowers occurs. The dead leaves are rejected, the land is flooded, and then things are left to nature. This is a very important step in achieving success. When you take your attention away from your goal and get away from it, you will become available for the advent of success. When dealing with everyday tasks in a meditative way, you clean your energy so you can experience “eureka” moments that will bring you closer to what you are looking for. 

Second sun

It’s a question of evolving and transforming yourself through socializing with other people. Some people appear in your life to lead you to the next level of awareness and authenticity. It is a mutual experience, although the results vary depending on the individual. You know these people and are attracted to you, although sometimes at the very beginning you feel even a strong aversion to them. Mature souls can be friends for a lifetime or a very short time to stay in your life. Regardless, they will change you in a way that you will not be able to understand now. Pay attention to those people. They are your greatest gifts. 

The third sun 

You may not be considered creative, but every day you create your reality through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions and deeds. Your intelligence fosters your inspirational thought and intuitive leadership. You know how to express your individuality. At present you are so much aligned with the universe that you can do miracles. When you start to see your life as an art that you create yourself, you begin to experience only beautiful and meaningful things. Get ready, because you may be surprised!

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