Pick An Image And Reveal Your Angel Message

February 19, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Have you ever heard about Lightworkers? We can bet that all of you heard the term ‘ guardian angel’ and knows the concept of the ‘spiritual guardian’. However, not everybody knows what their subconsciousness tell and which are the traits of our own guardian angels. This simple test will guide you to the right path. Pick one image of the three given in the picture below:


1. The time to stand up for yourself has come. This is the time when you need to analyze all things and take a good look at yourself. You’ve been obsessed with other people for so long, but not in a bad way. You appreciated the good qualities in others and showed true respect. However, this is the time when you have to acknowledge, accept, focus on and develop your wonderful qualities and traits. You also need to understand that the others are just your reflection and your consciousness and soft soul creates the world around you, at least the ‘world’ that is seen through your eyes. Don’t you ever put yourself down, focus more on your needs and nurture yourself.


2. You’ve been ‘chilling’ for so long. You lived boemic and passionate life. You know how to admire the quality things in life and you have a style. Your social connections and reputation are on the highest level, but still, you’re subconsciously bothered by the material reality and you are secretly beating yourself over it. Your search for a higher purpose and that’s what you truly need.

You have to find a balance between the material and the spiritual world. Your great ambitions and superb qualities will also work in the spiritual work. By accomplishing your ‘misson’ to establish the perfect balance between the material and spiritual world, you will find wholeness and true happiness.


3. Your dreams are becoming reality! This is a wonderful period for you, your family and everything that ‘orbits’ around all of the important things in life. You already set your priorities, and now the time has come to make all of your dreams come true. The cosmic energy and good karma is on your side, but you need to take a little rest and focus more on keeping your mind and spirit strong under the huge pressure. Simple meditation and spiritual practices will help you keep your stability and balance. You must not give up on the pressure ( of course, it will be high as much as the stacks) but in the end, your reward will make you feel fulfilled, at ease and will open many new horizons and new journeys for your soul.

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