Pick a Card For Magical Reading & Reveal Your Message

February 28, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

Interestingly enough I thought a bit of a darker, edgier deck would pop out to come play – but the Oracle of the Dragonfae insisted, I think they strongly feel we need a little magic and warmth as we enter the shortest and darkest day of the year. The crystals that came to play are:- Red Snowflake Obsidian – it brings things to the surface and aids in seeing the patterns in life, Mookaite – a gorgeous crystal for the here and now and a crystal for the lower triad of chakras. Then we have – Bloodstone – a glorious healing stone used to cleanse and align the lower chakras and help connect back to heart.


Between my two hands lies the power of all that is; the connections between the Earth and the stars, the realms through which you can move to bring about your deepest desires and dreams. But do you dare to dream it? Are you courageous enough to declare your desire? I can create, but I will not be brought froth when you do not have the fortitude to commit to your change. Make a commitment to thy own self now – she, who you truly are, is worth this trust, this pledge, this courage you must have to birth your own changing self. For I am gentle, but I too have no more time to spend if you wish to waste the jewels life has given you. I will turn away, because it may not yet be your tiem. Only you can say it is not so, and walk forth into your new self, with me as guide and light, with transformation as your nature, with your incarnation without material death as your truth.

Do this with me: Bless theyself. Love thyself. Know that you are beyond your own imaginings. Act this day, this hour, this minute, and change will flow. Do not hesitate. Be transformed now!

It is time for you to free yourself from the confines of others’ expectations and investigate other less conventional ways of making a living. You may be drawn to a particular crystal at this time, and may enjoy simply entering into more regular communion with the element of earth and its minerals. Wear jewellery that has been cleansed by you, and energised by you, and understand its significance and power for you. Make each piece you choose to wear a totem symbolising your own self, adorning and expressing who you truly are. Above all, the message of Nimue is to free yourself. Stop expecting others to unshackle the chains and force you to walk free. You, and only you, can remove that which is holding you back.

The Listener

How much have you missed because I could not have the space, the wild quiet, the blessed peace in which to whisper my secret straight to your soul? How much more could you be aware of if you simply took the time to be still and silent? The whole world can be heard in a moment….and now it is your time to be still, and to be silent. Listen and truly understand what it is you are hearing. Listen with your being, your entire being, not just your ears. Allow your senses to be the soul’s messengers. Sometimes we need to be quiet and listen. But first of all we need to be quiet. So many people talk so much of the time. And the talking and the talking and the filling up of space simply drowns out the messages. The dragonfae do not decry conversation and robust dialogue, the joyous clash of friends talking with each other, or the singing out of voices….especially when raised in joy, celebration, song and good cheer! But this card speaks of a time when it would be right for you to be still, and to listen, as the world whispers her secrets to you. We do not want to be making so much noise that we drown out our own signs and messages. So be still. Be silent. And be ready for the messages to come in sweet, subtle and magickal ways.

It’s time to remove yourself from the hustle and the bustle, from built-up urban and industrial areas, and go deep into nature and find the still pace of solitude in which the soul can speak – and be heard! Turn down the stress, the demands, the social whirl, the noise that can drown out meaning. In the words of Shakespeare, chatter is often “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” You would do well to seek the counsel of spirit in nature, to rest in a quiet grove within. Furthermore, when the soul speaks, listen, come into alignment and act from that space of integrity. The Listener does not feel the need to tell all about what she has heard. In fact, she is content to simply act, without broadcasting her moves, and to allow her dreams into being, to follow the guidance of her message without exhausting the energy of the message by talking it out.

She is silent and she seems still. But all of her actions are powerful and purposeful because they are born from a pure, still place of energy. Hers is the quiet glade and sudden, glad truth of the soul, and in these truths are great wisdom and delight.

The Time Guardian

The feelings you have, of time contracting and expanding, are real insights, not simply your imagination. Time is a living dimensional being, whose powers include the ability to devote more time to those of us who require it, and for time to speed up or slow down then it may be necessary, too. It is in this way that we are able to divine and travel through the threads and weavings of time, and move forward into seeing our future…in truth, we are already there. And much of who we truly are remains an echo. The time beings of the Dragonfae, of whom I am one, know this, and guard and protect you from confusion. Similarly, they can assist you when you require time to be created. If you feel you are short of time, send a thought message to me, the Guardian of Time, and I will send you all the help you need to meet your goals within the time you feel you have. Know that time is available to work for and with you; you need only tune into it as a dimensional reality, and connect with the time beings. Know that you are a timeless being. Know that you are dimensionally vast, that you are protected, cherished and loved.

If you work with time rather than trying to compartmentalise, control and define it, if we return to the lunar and solar and astronomical ways, if we celebrate the time changes apparent in nature all around us with the Wheel of the Year, then the time span we have will be richer and more joyful, our vocations will be discovered and we will no longer struggle to cram so much into our days. Because changing our perceptions is such a mammoth task, the Time Guardian is sometimes very tired, as the prevailing human mindset now is of time needing to be constrained and watched. He encourages us all to experience the natural flow of the energy we call time, and experience its multi-dimensionality. There is one simple way to work with him. Be in the present moment, more often.

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