People With Rh- Blood Type are Not 100% From This World

February 28, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

The four common blood types present at humans are A, B, AB or O. There are antigens after which each blood type differs from the other. There is one antigen, however, which is the most important one when differentiating blood types – the Rh antigen.

Most people contain this antigen in their body and they are marked with a + in their blood type. There are a small number of people though which lack this antigen.

The Rh antigen is a protein which is lacking in the blood type of these people and the theories are so farfetched that they go as far as claiming that not having this antigen means that the person might even be from another world and have powers other people dream of having!

Only 15% of the world population has this blood type and they can donate blood to people who are RH+ but, they can receive blood only from people who are RH-.

Most of the people who have this blood type can be found living mostly in Northern Europe. Scientists have tried to pinpoint their origins but their researches have been futile so far!

There are claims that people with RH- blood type are more emotionally and physically aware and that they have red hair, green or blue eyes and even have lower body temperatures, thus making them more sensitive to higher temperatures.

Alien theories have arised from the fact that women with RH- blood type have difficulties in delivering children which are with a RH+ blood type. This is so because if the child’s Rh is different from the mother’s, then the natural reaction to the carrier (the mother) will be to kill the fetus or the already developed baby in the womb.

Scientist have developed various theories about this but the fact that a body constructed by nature to carry an infant suddenly kills the offspring and detects it as a hazard is beyond them and still remains a puzzling mystery.

What do you think on the subject and do you think that people with Rh- blood type are not from this world?

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