Let’s talk about the virgin world

February 28, 2018 lilit 0 Comments

It’s sad we are living in a generation that virginity is not treasured anymore. Married couples have gotten intimate before saying ‘I do ‘at the altars and it’s no big deal. Nowadays, a lady being a virgin is something she cannot be proud of saying among her friends because she might be looked down upon but why? If she has decided to keep her virginity till the right time, let your friend be. For the gentlemen, if your woman wants to maintain her virginity till y’all are married, respect that, be patient and love her.

Of course, if you are a virgin that means you simply do not engage in any sexual encounters and before you lose your golden cookie jar this is what you need to know:

1.The first time intercourse may get you pregnant – from our science and biology, it’s said that when a lady is ovulating and she performs the intercourse with her partner, there are high chances of a junior coming along.

2.Always use protection- the protection is not guaranteed a 100% but you have to be safe and discuss with your partner about doing HIV tests to figure out your statuses.

3.There is always the nervous syndrome- you have never had any sexual encounters and there will be fears of what to do or questions if you were able to satisfy and the list is endless.

4.Ask yourself are you really ready to give it away- some ladies never consider this, you just don’t sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry. You do not win an award for sleeping with uncountable men in your life.

5.Get properly warmed up- rack a few activities before going deeper to the intercourse. These various activities will make it easy for you guys and feel comfortable.

6.There could be some pain or not- some women have opened up about feeling pain during intercourse but for some they have not experienced it. Once the pain is unbearable, see a gynecologist because this may need to be health issues.

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