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An old proverb says that “vengeance is a dish better served cold”. Well, Alicia Parker from Wilmington in Delaware certainly believed in this saying.

The 31-year old chemist was arrested around 7:15 this morning by officers of the New Castle Police for poisoning her former lover, 37-year old Brian Anderson

During interrogation, she admitted that she had dedicated the last five years of her life to obtaining vengeance against him and exposed her Machiavellian plan.

Ms. Parker and Mr. Anderson work together in the same pharmaceutical lab and have dated for more than three years in the past, from March 2009 to July 2012.

She told investigators that the relationship ended after she found out that he was cheating on her with her own sister and had slept with several of her friends.

Being a talented chemist, Ms. Parker used her unique skills to invent and manufacture a new drug specifically designed to cause some erectile problems.

After years of work and research, she was able to create an extremely powerful product in the form of a tasteless and colorless liquid.

While searching Ms. Anderson’s residence, the investigators found dozens of unmarked flasks filled with her drug.

In 2015, she began administering this drug to Mr. Anderson, on an almost daily basis, by pouring a few drops in his coffee while he wasn’t watching.

According to the victim, the drug was extremely efficient and completely prevented him from having erections, even when he used Viagra and other drugs.

The 37-year old man says he consulted several specialists over the last two years until a blood test this Autumn, revealed that he was being drugged.

An investigation was then launched to identify the person who had drugged him, and it eventually led to Alicia Parker.

New Castle County Police Chief Colonel Elmer M. Setting congratulated the investigators who worked on this case and admitted he had “never seen anything like this” in his career.

In an interview with a local radio station this afternoon, Mr. Anderson said that his ex’s arrest came as “a huge relief” and that his life “has been a living hell” over the last two years.

“She ruined my life! My penis has been pitiful and useless for the last two years, so I’ve suffered a lot of stress and I’ve lost a lot of self-confidence. I hope she pays for that.” 

He says he tried everything to solve the problem and even overdosed twice on erectile dysfunction medications.

“On one occasion I was so desperate that I popped fifteen Viagra pills. My dick remained totally limp, but I began suffering cardiac arrhythmia and had to be hospitalized.” 

Mr. Anderson says he might file a civil lawsuit against Ms. Parker once the criminal procedures are over, as he says suffered a lot of physical and psychological trauma because of her actions.

For now, Alicia Parker faces a total of 43 criminal charges, including second-degree assault and battery, and could face up to 110 years in prison.

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