Important Alert: Most People Do Not Know That They Have Nail Fungus! Here Is How To Get Rid Of It Easily Before It Gets Worse!

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The Potential Great Danger Of Nail Fungus

Onychomycosis is fungal infection of the nail or nails on the feet or hands: nail fungus.

It is not a serious illness but it can become chronic and spread, causing discomfort, as well as an unhealthy appearance of the affected nail.

There are topical and oral treatments, and in this case, we will talk about the most natural treatments based on aromatherapy to remove the fungus on the nails.

In superficial fungal infections, we find levaduriform forms, dermatophyte fungi and molds, the most common, candidiasis, ptiriasis versicolor, athlete’s foot, nail onychomycosis or nail tinea.

By onychomycosis it is generally understood any infection of the nail by fungi without taking into account the specific agent that causes it, although in 90% of the cases we find a dermatophyte fungus called trichophyton rubrum.

Situations that favor the onychomycosis
We can distinguish between endogenous factors such as basic diseases that predispose to the development of nail fungi:

– Diabetes
– Low immunity
– Peripheral vascular diseases
– Age (this is not a disease, of course) and external factors such as:
– Sweating and heat
– Moisture from excess sweat
– Walking barefoot in public places or repeated trauma

Treatments for onychomycosis
First of all it is necessary to recognize that topical treatments are of reduced efficacy. And this happens because of the difficulty of the same to penetrate the nail.

The ideal is to use them in conjunction with an oral treatment.

Even so, they would be indicated only if oral treatment is contraindicated when the lesion occupies little surface or when it comes to superficial subungual onomycosis.

Aromatherapy to cure nail fungus
The use of essential oils in these types of nail problems has faithful followers.

And is that the oral treatments with antifungals have side effects to take into account and sometimes they create resistance to them.

Aromatherapy also possesses significant therapeutic potency and allows total combination with other allopathic treatments.

The essential oil most used in onychomycosis is the Tree of Te, botanical name, Melaleuca alternifolia.
Its active ingredients, terpenic alcohols, confer anti- bacterial, anti- fungal antiprotozoal and antiviral properties.

We can prepare the aromatherapy formula for the treatment of nail fungus as follows:
1.Mix evenly Tea Tree essential oil and vegetable oil as it could be argan oil, olive oil, sunflower oil.

2.It would be enough to apply the formula three times a day with the help of a swab, after having previously filleted the nail in the affected area.

If the fungal infection does not return within two to three months, it will need to be combined with an oral oregano-based treatment.

In this case, you can find Oregano typified and well dosed in drops or in capsules.

In these cases of rebellion for 8 more weeks, in addition to Oregano orally you can make the following mixture of essential oils with antimycotic activity:

– Tea tree essential
– 3 milliliters Oregano essential oil
– 2 milliliters Palmarosa essential oil
– 1-milliliter Essential oil of cinnamon of china 1 milliliter
– Argan oil 5 milliliters

Apply 3 times a day after filing the nail with disposable cardboard files. Use one file at a time to avoid contact of the fungus with other nails.

As you will see the treatments are prolonged because the active principles take time to penetrate and accumulate in the zone.

Consistency in treatment and a number of prevention measures are essential to completely reduce a nail fungus infection.

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