How Likely He Is To Control You Based On His Zodiac Sign

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In this day and age, we can all agree that having a male partner that is controlling leaves a bad taste in the mouth. In fact, such behavior has no place in today’s society and can only be said to be fit for ancient and less sophisticated times.

Women nowadays are far more educated, savvy, witty and exposed. We are more aware of the tricks or games of discrimination that men have played for years and years – before today. We look back at the kind of stifled lives our mothers and grandmothers had to endure, and we shake our heads in disbelief. Thanks to modernism, we live in a very different world today. But as much as women are beginning to take their rightful positions of contribution in society, we can all agree that more still needs to be done.

On a daily basis, we are trying to avoid the controlling types. Men who haven’t gotten the memo yet. Those who haven’t figured out – or accepted, the fact that the game is becoming fair now. That this is 2017 and this is no longer a man-centric world. 

But then again, women come in different shades and temperaments. The spectrum ranges from ladies who like very domineering men who want to micromanage their lives to those who want men who don’t busy themselves with that kind peacocking.

It doesn’t matter where you find yourself on this scale, one thing that you must know is that to find the right fit for you, you must know his zodiac sign. Knowing your potential guy’s zodiac sign will help you understand his personality, and that would help you deduce what he is very likely to do when in a relationship with you.

That would be a tedious task, but fortunately, we have done the hard work already. Information about every zodiac sign has been compiled below and explained in a great way for easy understanding.

Grab yourself something and then indulge – we would be starting with the Aries guy.


15. Aries – All About Exerting Himself

The Aries is a very assertive man. You can sense it in his aura. He welds strength and power and is very conscious of that. He is highly competitive and is ambitious. For him, life is all about climbing to the top and elevating status.

This attitude towards life is heavily influenced by Mars – the planet of vitality and war. That influence has helped the Aries man to raise his standards in every aspect of his life. He is constantly on the quest to bette his situation and in the process, becomes an upgraded version of himself.

As much as his run-through-the-wall mentality and approach to life have gotten him as far as he has come, it usually not the best way of handling things. He tends to force his way with things he wants. And when it comes to relationships, there is no difference. He will be very demanding with you. He will also want you to be at his beck and call. And above all he thinks, that is how things should be. 

14. Taurus – He Has a Tough Time Controlling Himself

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For the Taurus man, he moves by his guts. He won’t mind giving himself a treat if he feels that he deserves it. And so he can come off as a very impulsive guy. And although the term ”impulsive” has some negative connotation to it, you have to know that not all his impulsive activities are negative – in fact very few actually are.

But when it comes to your relationship with him, know that he won’t be the controlling one. In fact, he is a strong believer in one’s liberties and would treat you according to his beliefs and values. And that implies that you guys will have a lot of free space and time to express yourselves, free of boundaries and rules. It is also important to note that any attempt by you to change his ways would be futile. This is his personality and life. And he would resist anything that would threaten his way of life. But at the same time, you don’t have to bend over backward just to please him. You have to find the balance to maintain a healthy relationship with your man.

13. Gemini – Not a Chance, He’ll Push You Toward Freedom

The Gemini guy isn’t the controlling type. He is more like the extreme opposite of that. He may be so not controlling that it seems like he isn’t even interested in you. He is the easy-going guy who is a believer in people doing their own thing and being individuals in their marriages or similar unions. If you are observant with a Gemini guy, you will quickly learn that he is a guy who loathes stress. He is always calm and calculated. He takes up problematic situations and deals with them squarely in such manner. This will force you to begin to see the world through his lenses, which can be a very new and strange thing to you. Being with a Gemini man, forces you to use, and depend on, a lot more of your creative side. Where you operate with far fewer boundaries and rules. 

12. Cancer – Emotionally, 100%

The crab man is a man of emotions and their characteristic swings. Just as the moon causes the rise and fall of tides, so does their emotions swing. They can be adorable angels and devious devils on the same day – it all depends on the particular emotional swing you find them in.

When it comes to being a controlling partner in a relationship, you have to understand that the Cancer man doesn’t particularly control their partners consciously. In fact, they don’t see themselves as controlling at all. But the truth of the matter is that they are. Not in some menacing way but more in an emotional way.

See they are very passionate people who take family and friendship very seriously and personally.

And that means that they can be lovey-dovey with you as long as they feel you are loyal and respectful of their feelings. But if they sense that those aren’t in you, then they would turn around to attack you with just as much energy as they would use to love you.

They would make you feel guilty and regretful of what you did. This usually not an easy thing to spot as what they do can fly under the radar of casual human observation. But if you are aware of what is going on then you could then know how to react better.

But then as much as he will make you regret what you did, he would also be back to console and comfort you. They play with emotions because that is what they are all about.

11. Leo – From a Distance, Maybe

The Leo man is surprisingly not controlling. We all know that he is the type to want the shine and the spotlight. Leos are very egotistical in nature. And then you might ask why the Leo isn’t so controlling and the answer also lies in them being Leo.

See, the Leo guy is fiercely loyal and has the pack mentality. And that means that glory for one is glory for all. Your branching out to do your own thing isn’t a problem to him because he considers it another way to bring value, fame, and notoriety to the pack. The Leo guy also isn’t one to belittle you in public just to make himself feel good. No, they would rather have such tough discussions in private so as not to bring shame to the union.

And so the Leo guy would instead he very supportive of your endeavors and would even encourage you to become exceptional in the path you have taken. They are good like that. But to continue to keep that great rapport in the relationship, you have to understand that you still have to make your Leo guy feel special. If you put him on a pedestal, he will lift you up to join him. 

10. Virgo – Too Worried About Controlling Himself

The Virgo man is one unique earth sign. He isn’t grounded as the other earth signs and is in a constant war about his image and personality. He is a harsh critic of himself, and so that makes his struggles darker and feistier than it should be. This brings about low confidence and self-esteem which he finds almost impossible to admit to. And that could be as a result of what would ensure it he gives into that reality. It would make him feel like he isn’t man enough. Instead, he projects all those insecurities on the lady he dates. They all have to be a certain way. They have to act and present themselves in a certain way to the world. And all of this is just a projection of how he sees himself.

He is in love with certainty and fitting in, and so he would indirectly discourage any attempt at expressing unique or uncommon views – especially out there in public. He would maintain a calm composure or countenance as long as he perceives that he is in control of himself and his environment. But if he doesn’t feel that way, then you will see him become uneasy and fall apart.

9. Libra – He’ll Want You to Lose Control

Libra is very very much against control. He is instead very much concerned in his partner taking the affection and love to new heights. When it comes to love in a relationship, the Libra sees no boundaries. Potential and drive are limitless and so expects anything and everything great to happen in the relationship. The only rule that he will establish in the relationship is that freedom is held at the ideal. He would want to maintain his individual self while being in the relationship. He requires that he be himself as that is what makes him happy and feel alive. And this is a principle that he lives by. And he expects the same from his partner. He has no problem whatsoever with you trying to do your own thing. In fact, he will encourage you to do your thing.

If you aren’t accustomed to this kind of life already, you might find it a little bit hard to adjust to, but with time it would become second nature to you because it is inherent in to be free.

He believes that love sets free and doesn’t put one in bondage. And if you get to understand love the way he does then you guys would have a very smooth relationship. But if you try to control him then you will only be met with resistance which could easily lead to disdain and ultimately lead to the end of the relationship. 

8. Scorpio – Hands Down, He Wins the Title

The Scorpio is very controlling and lives this truth. He is the type of partner that demands that you obey his wishes and commands. If he sees it fit to use you to get whatever it is he wants in the relationship, he will. He isn’t ashamed of his actions either. He is very confident in himself and his abilities. And has no problems shoving his will down the throat of his partner. Do you want to be with him? You make your choice.

7. Sagittarius – In a Non-Obvious Way

The Sagittarius guys are very social animals. They love to be in the midst of people. They are people lovers who derive their joy from being around people. They love the buzz of human traffic and live for moments of engaging with them.

When it comes to relationships, he is in the habit of going after women who are the exact opposite of him. This is how he sees it. He is an energy bunny already and having someone similar to him will have the relationship unbalanced in an unhealthy way. He needs the stability that someone with an opposite personality to his can bring. If you’re his girl, he would want you to be a homebody who is quiet in her dealings in life. So that as he is out and about he wouldn’t have to worry about your whereabouts too. He also plans all this out so that he will have the chance to remain who he is. It is for you to know yourself and if this type of guy the best guy for you. If you are the homebody introverted type, then this could work out well for you guys but then again if you share a lot of characteristics with this guy, then you may have to reconsider your decision to stay with him. 

6. Capricorn – Less Control, More Boundaries

Capricorn isn’t a controlling guy, but at the same time, he isn’t one to play with limits. He is a man of principles and will accord you respect as a human being. He is quick to believe in you and also quick to let you go. When in a relationship with Capricorn man, you will be supported in whatever thing you want to do – so far as that doesn’t break the standards that he has set from the beginning of the relationship.

These standards of behavior or morals are what keep the relationship enjoyable, and any attempt to venture away from these boundaries would be met with a very cold reaction. If you at some point in the relationship decide that the boundaries aren’t for you, you may need to end the relationship because breaking these standards will not get you anything good but pain and disaster. He will leave you or cut you off emotionally in such a way that you might begin to question his love and loyalty in the first place. But that is just their nature. They would quickly and truly trust and believe in you until you give them a reason not to. And when you give them a reason not to, they wouldn’t believe you without a doubt. Though this is perceived as being extreme, you are ultimately the one to decide if you want to be in a relationship where you will be held up to standards that force you to become a better version of yourself or not.

5. Aquarius – He’s Beyond Such Concepts

The Aquarian man is also not a controlling guy; he really does dread the outcome of such an approach to a relationship. He is also a believer in love that sets free. He is an affectionate lover who is for a truly utopian society where people aren’t labeled by names and titles that done nothing than put them down and limit their chances of becoming whatever it is that they want.

When in a relationship with him, he may not be the type to be very vocal about his love for you, but his actions will tell. He is also a very loyal partner who will try to make sure that you feel happy and secure in the relationship. He is one to be with if you are on the same path with him. 

4. Pisces – He’s Lost Control

The Pisces guy is out of control. He loves to do his own thing and believes that that is the path for every human being. He is very sensitive to sentiments that oppose his view of the world and so can become very defensive. For him, if you don’t judge and try to remove your preconceived notions about him, then he won’t judge you too. For him, someone wanting everybody to behave in a certain way isn’t natural to human beings.

3. Saturn

Saturn is a planet is known for its multiple rules and regulations. It is a planet of order. Everything is related and interrelated. If it must exist, then it should have value and reason. If it feels like its views are being threatened, then it would do whatever it takes to limit the growth of that thing. And so for Saturn, being in control of your thoughts, emotions, and actions is its ultimate goal. Everything must serve the bigger purpose or be cut off. 

2. Jupiter

This may not look like something we should be concentrated on since Jupiter is known to be the exact and extreme opposite of control. But there is a lot to cover here. And I would explain why.

Depending on where his Jupiter lies, he may be a truthful and honest person who also doubles up as a good companion. Although his Jupiter can often be in direct opposition to his Saturn.

When that happens, you will notice a man who is in a constant dilemma between control and loss of control.

1. Pluto

Another planet that seems like nothing to care about, Pluto habits the extremes of Jupiter and Saturn. It is about having absolute control and the absence of control. This planet is all about the black market. It is very much in its nature to go deep into the mind too.

As we continue, we must realize that we are here to understand why some people are more controlling than others. And when we want to understand people, we look into their Pluto. As for the water signs, they can be very very controlling as things tend to go overboard with them during to their emotional nature. But as for the fire signs, their Pluto tends to be controlling in the way they think instead of the way they feel.

For Pluto, it is always very curious to know the cause of issues or problems hence its tendency to dig deep into the mind on a search of answers. 

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