Here’s The Sex Positions That Most Women Don’t Like.

February 07, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

Not every sex position is created equal. And since men and women are made anatomically different some moves may be enjoyable for one but actually uncomfortable and even painful for the other.

Keep in mind sex is not supposed to hurt. Painful penetration may be due to things such as fibroids, endometriosis, yeast infection, birth control, and even pregnancy. Nonetheless, there is always the discomfort of leg cramps or hurting your back because you are extending your body in positions not commonly used.

Here are the most disliked sex positions to stay from or at the very least ease into them until you get the hang of them.

#1. Did you just try spooning?

Spooning requires a lot of adjusting before you can penetrate correctly. There is also the factor of the legs on touching the beds getting cramped.

#2. Sometimes missionary is just so blah!

It’s not that it hurts or it’s uncomfortable but it shouldn’t be the Go-To position every single time!

#3. The contortionist move.

Anytime the legs are put in an unnatural position, it is going to hurt. How about you try it and see for yourself.

#4. The popular 69.

Ok so this is oral not vaginal sex. But the point is that you are both performing oral sex on the other. Aside from the fact that you are totally exposed to your partner it’s hard to give him your full attention while trying to get hot and bothered yourself.

#6. Reverse cowgirl.

First, it is really impersonal. Second, the curve of the penis and the angle of the vagina don’t always fit in this position, making penetration awkward and unpleasant.

#7. Doggy style.

Doggy style has been credited with giving full penetration but it can also cause aches if the guy is ramming into the cervix, it can get really tender and not fun rather quickly.

#8. The oil driller.

This is basically a woman holding her legs up the entire time he is entering her standing up. This requires stamina to keep her legs up all while she is getting her neck shoved into her chin.

#9. Wrapping the legs by the ears, behind the back…

Unless she is an Olympic gymnast, chances are this will cause a muscle spam or cramp. Plus she’ll be so focused on keeping her legs behind her that she won’t enjoy sex at all.

#10. Getting pinned against the wall.

We get it, it looks really sexy in the movies. But just think about this for a minute, at one point you will be too busy penetrating your partner while she is holding on to a flat surface for support and balance.

#11. The Ben Dover.

This position is named after a porn actor so you know it’s out there. This is essentially doggy-style except the woman is standing and bent over like a yoga pose. Now think of holding this for minutes with nothing to hold on to.


#12. Role play scenarios.

Chances are that if either one of you failed drama in high school, this will be as fun and awkward as making a public speech.

#13. Standing while doing the deed.

This position requires both partners to be the perfect height to each other otherwise it will make for a lot of maneuvering on both of your parts. Use a bed, table, chair, washing machine…anything to help you align your bodies in perfect unison.

#14. The shower.

This is no different than doing it while standing. Except now you have to contend with slippery, wet conditions.

#15. Oral sex.

If you know you are getting busy that night, please eat clean and healthy. Need we say more?

#16. You are fast like an Olympian!

Seriously, slow down. The only competition here is to be the best lover ever!

#17. Pulling her hair.

It’s ok to grab her hair and tug it gently. If it hurts, she won’t want to have sex with you, she’ll want to punch you instead.

#18. When you have B.O. or bad breath.

Seriously, do we need to explain ourselves here?

#19. No foreplay.

Studies have shown that foreplay increases the likelihood of reaching orgasm for both men and women. It also increases man’s ability to stay erect longer.

#20. Oral sex.

If she is into oral sex, make sure you go easy on her. She is not a robot.

#21. Manscaping is always welcomed.

You want her private parts to look clean and presentable. Guess what? Women want the same things too!

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