Guy exposes a woman’s cheating husband in a hilarious way

February 06, 2018 lil teryan 0 Comments

When we walk down the aisle and make those vows to support each other in sickness and in health, through thick and thin come what may, most people imagine that their partner is actually sincere and will abide by their word for the rest of their lives.

To be cheated upon is a horrible feeling. It kills on the inside we feel emasculated as if perhaps we were not enough, or maybe there was something we could have done differently but more often or not it is just because we are with the wrong person from the get go.

One man simply had had enough of his wife cheating on him with another married guy and decided that he would take matters into his own hands and let the other man’s wife know exactly what sort of funny business was going on behind her back.

The disgruntled husband decides to go to the house of the cheating man and knocks on the door. When his wife comes and answers the door, he startles her with the a very strange question. He asks the woman if she has a vagina or not.

The woman is clearly outraged and slams the door shut on his face in a fit of rage. The next day there is again a knock on the door and the same guy is at the door yet again with the same question. He again asks her if she does or does not have a vagina. The woman is outraged and disgusted and again slams the door in his face.

She ended up telling her husband about the weird guy who had been coming for two days asking about her vagina. The husband came up with a plan, he said he would stay home and that she should answer his question if he comes again.

The next day the same guy again knocks the door and puts up his question yet again. If she did or did not have a vagina. The woman gathered all of her courage and told the stranger at her door that she indeed did have a vagina.

The man than asked her to request her loving husband to use her vagina as opposed to the vagina of his wife and to keep himself away from his wife having told her that he simply left.

Cheating is a horrible thing. It destroys families, relationships and ruins lives. Numerous studies have shown that everyone suffers when a marriage goes south. The children from broken homes do poorly at school. The men and women involved also suffer greatly financially as well as emotionally from the break up.

The leading cause of divorce worldwide is infidelity. People are willing to put in their everything into a relationship and very often want it work out no matter what, but cheating is something which no decent human being can put up with. Those who do put up with such behaviour do as at great personal cost for the sake of the children.

Marriages and relationships might not end due to cheating however such behaviour does sap the relationship of love and affection as the other person knows that they have been cheated upon, is something which is very difficult to reconcile with.

Cheating also means different things to different people for men for instance cheating is all about the physical aspects of it the rush, the sex they are very often not looking for emotional intimacy and love their partners but just want to spice things up with such irresponsible behaviour.

For women on the other hand cheating is more often about the lack of emotional availability of their partners than about getting laid. It is true that women do crave sex but relatively few if any women cheat just for sex and usually it is more about being valued and validated by other men and to get the attention they crave yet lack in their own loveless and often mechanical marriages.

Regardless of our reasons to deviate from our vows, it remains not just a horrible thing to do but it is also often one of the most expensive mistakes of our lives if were ever to be caught. Many people risk everything they have just to have some of the forbidden fruit, something which is not just morally wrong but does not make rational sense either.

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